First aid for conjunctivitis

First aid for conjunctivitis
You will need:
  • Towel
  • sunglasses
  • Medicines
  • Compress
  • Medical consultation
# 1

The first thing you need to protect family and friends from getting infected.To do this, use a separate towel and avoid visiting places such as markets, cinemas, restaurants - in short, a place where a lot of people.Avoid bright sunlight and wear dark glasses.Eyepatch cast is not necessary - it will exacerbate the disease.Regardless of the form of the disease, take measures to prevent the further development of the disease.Every hour bury trimekain (2% -5%).If no replacement is piromekain trimecaine (0.5% -1%).Washing with 15-30% sodium sulfacyl furatsilina or a solution of a 1: 5000 will also be superfluous.

# 2

regular drip sulfacetamide (20%, 1-2 drops) for the inner edge of the lower eyelid of the patient's eyes.Sulfacetamide can replace chloramphenicol (0.3%).Landfill should be repeated at intervals of three chasa.Vyyasnite the form in which the disease occurs - depends on treatment;If you have al

lergic conjunctivitis, it is necessary to apply the anti-allergic drugs.A cold compress along with medicines speed up recovery.

# 3

Interferon - your salvation with a viral form of the disease.Drip interferon and use drugs florenal, viroleks.If they are not fit any ointment with antiviral effect;Bacterial conjunctivitis is an acute form requires the instillation of 0.25% chloramphenicol, with a preliminary rinsing or infusion of chamomile tea.Chloramphenicol can be replaced with 30% solution of Albucidum.In both cases, the drip necessary, at least every 6 hours.Also, you must apply tetracycline ointment 1%.

# 4

Now you know how to quickly cure conjunctivitis.It must be remembered that before using these tips, it is desirable to consult with your doctor, because the eyes - Home of the senses.So, the doctor will not be superfluous advice, try to get advice.The ancient sages advised to prepare for war if you want peace.We sincerely hope that these tips will never be used, but if trouble knocks on your door - you'll be ready 100%.We wish you have a sharp eye, diamond eyes and conjunctivitis never hurt!