What is the effect of stress on pregnancy : possible implications

What is the effect of stress on pregnancy : possible implications
You will need:
  • Discs with soft music
  • terrain for relaxing walks
  • Common sense
# 1

How does the stress of pregnancy: Possible posledstviyaZhenschinu, expecting a child, as a ruletry to surround with care and attention.Of course since there is not in all cases, even in favorable conditions pregnant women are prone to mood swings and tantrums.All because of hormones during pregnancy that just did not manage.A woman loses control of his emotions and as a consequence of experiencing strong stress.No the effect of stress on pregnancy?What are its implications for the future of the child?Communication of the fetus to the mother so closely that they can be called one.Yes, it is two people, but they are linked as never before in this period.This thread or cord, making them one body, and they are two and feel the joys and sorrows.Weathered by the mother during pregnancy, stress can have a negative impact, so it is important to know how to beat stress and depression to prevent this.

# 2

stressaPosledstviya effects of stress begin to appear already during childbirth.The kid, who suffered along with her mom prolonged depression can be born limp and weak.His reaction will be inhibited, it can lag behind in development.There is a risk of various pathologies, including umbilical cord entanglement.When a child growing up may differ unbalanced nature, many cry or be too irritable.All this points to problems with the nervous system, whose health is established in the womb.The consequences of suffering a stress will occur over the next years, to put it in the inability to find contact with others, striving for isolation and the presence of an unstable mind.Neither my mother did not want such a future to your child, so she needs to know how to relieve tension and stress.

# 3

Getting rid of stressaPervuyu assistance in how to survive the stress will own common sense.He will tell you that you should not risk the health of the child and to give in to negative emotions.Once aware of the problem it is, you need to use some methods for getting rid of stress.For example, it can be your favorite music.It is able to distract and calm the plunge into the world of dreams.Another effective method - take a walk in a quiet place, get some fresh air and bring thoughts in order.And lastly, is good to know how to beat stress, but it is better to know how to avoid.