How to check visual acuity ?

How to check visual acuity ?
You will need:
  • Go to the optometrist
  • Observe the inspection conditions
  • Conduct a test to verify the view of the house
# 1

For starters, you can spend at home test for sharpnessview.He just can not replace a doctor's visit, but will give you an initial idea of ​​the health of your eyes and will assist in the formulation of questions to discuss them with the expert.How to check visual acuity Visual acuity can be verified in 2 ways - whether seen distant objects well and closely spaced, for example, text.

# 2

It should be printed on sheets of white A4 paper normal type such characters: first line - a, u, e, o, s, in the second - n, m, n, and a, b, e. The sheets must be secured to the wall at the level of your eyes.Move away from the wall at a distance of 3 m. 3. Close one eye, a hand, try to read the letters in the top row, and then the bottom.Do the same for the other eye.If you are perfectly distinguish all the letters, the visual acuity is perfect and equal to 1.

# 3

If you are with great difficulty distinguish the letters, they begin to "float" and dvoyatsya, it is necessary to get closer to the wall to such a distance,as long as you clearly will not distinguish the letters.Measure the distance to the wall and to increase its value to 0.2 meters.This indicator will be the sharpness of your vision.You can use the second one for checking sharpness.It is necessary to enter the capital letters "e" in the box notebooks.All lines of letters should be single cell width.It is necessary to fix the sheet on the wall and move on 2 m. It is from this distance a person with perfect vision required to determine the direction of the lines or call the required letter.

# 4

To determine the visual acuity should be taken close to a book or magazine with a clear font, the size of which shall be not less than 2 mm.It is necessary to place the text at a distance of about 35 cm from the eye.It is best to keep the book at eye level, so as not to have to constantly bend over, changing the angle of vision.Read the text should be alternately closing his eyes.With the right visual acuity you will be well to distinguish between letters, you definitely have an incentive to push the book, and also bring her closer.Refer to a clinic or a special ophthalmic clinic for more detailed examination.Man must see a doctor at least once every 2 years, even if there are no complaints about the vision.It is necessary to prepare for a visit to the doctor.For 24 hours before the test can not drink alcohol and, if possible, different drugs, which have side effects to the eye.The acuteness of his near vision should be checked on a special card, similar to the test with a book.