How to get rid of the consequences of love spell ?

How to get rid of the consequences of love spell ?
You will need:
  • Candle
  • New saucer
  • needle or blade
  • new towel
  • Matches
# 1

In order to protect themselves from mistakes made duringrite to commit human love spell and to protect against the return, after the ritual for omens do the following ritual.Take a new dish, prick the finger using a needle and drip into the center of the saucer a drop of his blood.Light the candle and drip wax on the blood, then drip saucer wax pentagram.

# 2

During operation, read the following protective spell, "the secret police from the lightning return circulation to administer.His work, his body and his blood will protect.Morning Star yourself harbor return zipper spraying.Five secret names and utter sim affair itself will keep.Giboramn Karalab Biros Cada - in the corners of the star in the morning get up, my business, body and soul guard.Amen".

# 3

Next ritual to get rid of the effects of love spell is as follows.Wrap a spell in the saucer clean, new towel and hide.Such protection will operate f

or about 6 months.If you need more protection, the ritual can be repeated.This protection will not only protect against the rollback, but also save you from the problems that arise if a rollback is already committed.

# 4

Doing Rite love spell, you need to know what impact you expect.Rollback of the love spell could bring the mage a lot of troubles, especially if an amateur magician in this case and was not aware of that need protection.Privorot no different positive action, in fact - is a modified damage.Coming back, she has the weakest places.

# 5

Whoever made love spell, and after a while he felt bad, should as soon as possible to find a way to get rid of love spell, returned back.Do not worry, the myth that it is impossible to avoid the consequences of a rollback, there is only a myth.This information is intentionally distorted to as little as possible of people dared to spell.Every magician knows to avoid the problems and consequences of a rollback, you need to put protection.

# 6

How to hold a ceremony for the establishment of protection, we have already been told.Signs that roll back: you begin to feel ill, health is deteriorating, and there are new diseases, which are difficult to combat;you are depressed, irritable, suffer from depression, you will begin to pursue the failure and loneliness.