How to get rid of love spell ?

How to get rid of love spell ?
You will need:
  • coil of black and white threads
  • Matches
  • chicken bone in the shape of a boomerang
  • Wax Candle
  • decoction of St. John's wort
# 1

rite of purification from the negative effectsIt should be carried out only after midnight on days when the moon went on the decrease.Prepare a decoction of herb St. John's Wort, will be enough to 100 ml.For the ritual put on the table bone, put the broth, cook the thread, scissors and light a candle with matches.

# 2

Take the spool of black thread, lift them over the flame of a candle and cut the thread length of 20 cm. Good soak a piece of string in the decoction of Hypericum.Now do the same thing with a coil of white threads: Cut a piece of 20-santimitrovy over a candle flame and soak it in the broth.Take a piece of black yarn and wrap them one arc chicken bone, then another white piece of bone arc.

# 3

Remember all the action of the ritual to get rid of love spell, held over a candle flame.From the beginning and during the impleme

ntation of all actions with the threads spoken out loud the following incantation: "I charge the moon black, commanded the dead bone - and let me (your name or the name of the person privorozhennogo), all false and dark, all prokosnoe and alien.Get away to the left alluvial sadness, step right lust artificial. "

# 4

uttering the last words, break a bone, and say: "As the bone that the dead are not srastetsya more and me against the will of my (your name or the name of privorozhennogo person) against the will of her (it) with no oneconverge. "Next ritual, love spell to get rid of is the fact that both pieces of the broken bones should be buried in the courtyard of the house in different places.It is important at this time to stand facing the entrance to the house.

# 5

Bone with white thread to be buried on the right side of the porch, a bone wrapped with black thread - on the left side.When you dig in, saying: "How far are these bones from each other, and I'm (your name or the name of the person privorozhennogo) will be far away from the one who tells fortunes at me (or the person's name)."It will be some time before you or privorozhenny people start to feel better, improve emotional state, and spells released.This ritual helps to get rid of even a very strong love spell.