How can I quickly hypnotize a person ?

How can I quickly hypnotize a person ?
You will need:
  • comfortable sofa or bed
  • man to hypnotize
  • Quiet room
# 1

To learn how to hypnotize a person quickly, it is best to start training with those whoI agree to undergo hypnosis.Firstly, you need to know the method of administration, and the elimination of hypnosis, to know and understand the process, because you take the responsibility for another person.Secondly, to be able to concentrate and meditate, to govern themselves.

# 2

Before embarking on hypnosis, select and prepare a place for it: a comfortable sofa or bed, quiet room.The person you're hypnotized, should relax and breathe slowly, relax the muscles.The main thing that he could nothing to think and feel peace and tranquility.How quickly hypnotize a person?To do this, when it is fully ready, it is introduced into a trance and begin to pronounce words with confidence, slowly and with deliberation.So, what you're saying, you need to think of in advance, meaning depends on what you want to achieve.

# 3

to quickly hypnotize, you need a long time to train, there is a development magnetic gaze.First, you need to learn to focus properly.To do this, you can perform the following exercise: draw a circle with a diameter of 2-3 cm and attach to the wall, move away from it at 2 meters and 5 minutes to look closely, but it is important to do this only in daylight.Try to blink less and not be distracted.This method shows you how to hypnotize a person, when you apply it to your friends.With their help, start to hone skills of hypnosis.

# 4

To learn how to use a magic way to look, work out with a friend.Ask him to sit on a chair in front of you and look you in the eye, you at this time you need to look into the eyes of a person only the central sight until the moment when he asks to terminate the session.

# 5

supreme skill rapid hypnosis is considered to be the ability to stop the eye.For example, if you run an angry dog ​​or attacked by robbers.So art owned by the Japanese geisha.After all, a real geisha only one that is using the sight can stop any man.To learn how to hypnotize fast, you need to constantly train and hone skills.