How to charm a boy easily?

How to charm a boy easily?
You will need:
  • Word Hex
  • Korzh
  • Red envelope
  • Ring
  • Photo
# 1

What to do if you love someone, and your feelings arewithout attention?If your feelings are strong, that to wait any longer, simply can not, by all means have long tried, and reciprocal feeling did not come, love spell, use the old recipes.Find the words of a sentence in the relevant books and repeat them throughout the day as often as possible.

# 2

The day will come when the new moon, bake cake, broke it in half, eat half, and the second part of the dig under the apple tree with words of support.There is one more interesting option with Korzh.Bake the cake, again it will be necessary to break in half.The guests should be invited liked a boy, eat one of the cakes on their own, and the other to treat him.

# 3

Mentally repeat with the following words: "We're a unit.One half of bread - you, and the other - to me.Amen".How to charm a boy easily?There is a very simple way.The first night on the growing moon, after midni

ght, you need to stand by the window and read the words of hex.Until the last lunar cycle, the interest in the young man to you will increase markedly.

# 4

You can use the following method.The new moon (at night from 23 pm to 5 am) before going to sleep, write the name of the person whose love you seek.The paper with the name of your favorite and put the ring in a red envelope, and then hide in the head of the bed, under the mattress or under the bed.Before you sleep, think about your favorite person, attracts him to her mentally, mentally offer him my love and understanding of all the good things that you can give him.

# 5

ritual itself works perfectly.The dreams that you dreamed of this night can help.They tell us how to behave in order to curry favor with you beloved.Now understood how to charm a boy?Envelope starting this morning to touch, do not, can not be touched, nor to look into it.Pre-think about where to put it.Remove the envelope, you can only after a month, when it's the first day of the next new moon.

# 6

can produce the same spell, but at the same time add to the piece of paper with the name and photograph of the ring also.Ring, select the one that you wear every day.If this is not present, and the chain is suitable, as long as it was fastened.Every day during the lunar month represent his beloved bedtime, do not forget to offer him what you have to offer.