How to hypnotize a person at a distance ?

How to hypnotize a person at a distance ?
You will need:
  • knowledge and mastery of the technique of hypnosis
  • object to hypnosis
  • Phone
# 1

Hypnosis helps to influence the human subconscious, it is often used for medical purposes, eliminateman from dependencies, complexes and bad habits.However, they can use, and for earnings, and sometimes it acts as a weapon for fraudsters

# 2

to hypnotize at a distance, you must first learn the technique of hypnosis.You should begin with someone who agree to this.It is important to well usvoyte Technique: Sit down, close your eyes and concentrate, in this situation need to be about 1 hour, gradually increase the time, try to explore the higher realms of the subconscious.Often women are wondering how to hypnotize a man?The method described above will help you to do it, because eventually you will be able not only to hear at a distance, but also to hypnotize and to heal.The main thing - listen to your conscience.

# 3

to hypnotize someone who is far away from you, you need to properly

and thoroughly prepare, because of this and will depend on the outcome of hypnosis.At this point, try to identify the object as much as possible information, make it a psychological portrait.If possible, try to make contact and to earn credibility, communicate with the person at ease, easily, try to set it up on your thoughts and in no case do not let negative emotions.

# 4

How to hypnotize a person at a distance?Once you have learned to meditate and learn about object enough information, you can go directly to hypnosis.Optimally, if in doing so you will be able to communicate with the person on the phone.Saying you need a calm, measured tones, his voice - smooth and hypnotic.In this case himself, you have to think about that person, that he trusts you, he likes you, he was pleased to tell you all, etc.Once you have noticed that the man fell under the power of hypnosis, you can begin to inspire him with their thoughts or actions that you want to accomplish.For myself, you must pronounce what you expect from a hypnotized person, you will see that it nachet you listen to and perform the necessary actions.Do not forget that the person must also be correctly inferred from hypnosis.