How to bewitch chief ?

How to bewitch chief ?
You will need:
  • Photo beloved chief
  • Four new needle for sewing
  • Custom Photo
  • Red thread envelope
  • Wax candles, not church
# 1

Situationsare different, because love, as you know, evil.No one is immune from being able to fall in love with their own boss if you suffered a "disaster" that will allow her spell.But that is only the case if the object of your love interest is not responding to you in return, of course.

# 2

In principle, the spell can be done at home if you are confident in their abilities.Otherwise, you should contact the experts from the magic for which spell - specialization of their activities.A ritual that will tell you how to bewitch the chief, shall be carried out alone.

# 3

But do not tell the true cause of the household of privacy required.For a start look closely at the picture and imagine in your imagination pictures as if you were already together, as soon as you can clearly understand these points, you can act on.On the reverse side of your photos write

the name and date of birth, which is planning to bewitch.

# 4

The photo favorite chief write their data.Fold the photos facing each other, Thread the red thread in the needle, and then do one stitch single needle in every corner put together photos.So you like to stitch them together.Suture should be cautious, not touching people in the photographs, the free thread stitches should tie into the corners.

# 5

When affixing photographs should pronounce himself the spell: "I knit Servant of God (name of the head) with Raba God (his name) bonds unbreakable!Amen!".This will make privorozhenie Chief unconditional.After that you should add two photos stitched into the envelope, which had not been used to light a candle and seal the photos in an envelope.

# 6

It should pronounce the second spell: 'seal the Servant of God (name of the head) with Raba God (your name) from the eye of the evil, from the evil of intent from the lapel cold.Amen".The envelope should hide in a place where no one will ever find it.In no case can not talk about what he had done, no friends, no family, nor even your boss.The result of love spell you will see in about a week.