Green coffee from China : Now and in Zhitomir !

Green coffee from China : Now and in Zhitomir !
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Computer
  • funds to complete the purchase
  • Coffee
  • desire to lose weight
# 1

The unique chemical composition of the green coffee is the secret of his popularity.The composition includes green coffee chlorogenic acid and antioxidants, which are contained in a few times larger than in green tea.Chlorogenic acid helps to remove excess fat from the body, thereby effectively splits the green coffee from food all fats and reduces the feeling of hunger.Therefore, this drink has been actively used in various diets, as well as an independent tool to help you lose weight.Brazil mistakenly considered by many the birthplace of the green coffees.In fact, it is a coffee culture began to cultivate in the Ethiopian province of Kaffa in more than 800 years ago.But for now, the consumer market is mainly supplied green coffee from Yunnan Province of China.

# 2

Until recently, all the coffee grown in China, mainly in the domestic market was used.But today, for the export of gr

een coffee specially selected high-quality batch.Increased attention to green coffee, Chinese manufacturers have been paying after scientists have found that chlorogenic acid controls the level of sugar in the blood.And antioxidants contribute to the conclusion of free radicals accumulated in the body.Green coffee is used in its natural form, as in roasted and not fried.But at the same time it can be cooked like ordinary black.If there is no special roaster for roasting seeds, then the grain can fry in a pan, to the degree of roasting, which is preferred.

# 3

To prepare the drink, you must first grind coffee beans in a coffee grinder.And it continues to cook it customary for each method.Cook green coffee can be any of the known methods: in Turku, at the coffee machine, coffee maker and in frenchpresse.In order to make coffee in Turku, it should take two tablespoons of milled coffee and one cup of water, from which it will pitsya coffee.Then, Turk put on the fire and bring to the moment of boiling and remove from heat.Then again, Turk put on the fire until boiling and such manipulation is necessary to do several times.At the same time, it should be good to interfere drink a teaspoon.Thus, it is seeking to obtain the coffee foam.If the foam is not desirable, the water from the coffee should just bring to a boil, stir a drink from a spoon before by boiling.

# 4

If you use coffee, the beans are put into the tank and exhibit a certain mode volume and strength.In the preparation of a beverage in a coffee beans are ground in advance.Only frenchpressa used coarse grains, which are filled with boiling water and infuse for 15 minutes, then using a filter liquor is separated from the grounds.Until now, there are disputes among connoisseurs of the drink, the best and most correct to make coffee.But its usefulness as a tool for losing kilos is obvious and has been proved by the Japanese and American specialists.Until not long ago to buy green coffee was quite problematic for people in Russia and the CIS countries.But now buy green coffee in Zhitomir can be from online stores or specialty stores that sell high-quality coffees.

# 5

green coffee cost is slightly higher than the usual black coffee.While green coffee is a semi-finished product, that is, its grains are browned, then the price should be correspondingly lower.This is explained by the high price of green coffee consumer demand and its small presence in the domestic market.So order the best green coffee in advance from the online store.It should be noted that the coffee as opposed to black upon storage does not lose its beneficial properties and valuable remains permanently retains excellent fresh and unique aroma.The only condition: this coffee should be stored in tight container, in a dry place and away from light.