Extreme weight loss : effective and fast diet

Extreme weight loss : effective and fast diet
You will need:
  • healthy diet
  • moderate diet
# 1

very easy to gain weight, as well as his hard reset, but the one who set a goal - to lose weight,all can.Most people who want to get rid of annoying kilograms want to do it in the shortest possible time.Extreme weight loss - that will help to lose weight quickly.There are many ways this diet.For example, the first really extreme - "sew up" language.If a person has a weak will power, then it is sewn into the language of a piece of plaster, and thus eat food becomes very painful.The patch is made of a rigid material, a person can not eat solid food, so forced to eat liquid.Of course, the torment will be justified because this method for a month is quite possible to get rid of the fourteen kilograms.

# 2

Here is one of the diets, which refers to the extreme, it lasts for four days.First day.For breakfast: unsweetened coffee, two boiled eggs, grated carrot.For lunch: 10 prunes.1 apple.Dinner: 1 cup of nonfat yogurt.If there is a strong sense

of hunger - you need to drink more water.Second day.For breakfast: unsweetened coffee, a slice of cheese.Lunch: 1 hard boiled egg.Dinner: 2 apples.The third day.For breakfast: 1 glass of milk.Lunch: 1 cup apple juice, salad of cucumbers, tomatoes.Dinner: 1 cup of milk.Fourth day.For breakfast: oatmeal, unsweetened tea.Lunch: 1 kg of vegetables.For dinner: 0.5 kg of berries.

# 3

Extreme weight loss - it is effective and suitable for those who urgently need to lose weight.The most simple, yet sophisticated way to drop excess weight - eat less, or rather, almost nothing.Meals based on fresh vegetables, with the exception of fat, sugar, eating only once a day - it all works, but there is lethargy, fatigue, weakness, apathy, may disrupt the processes of digestion, so you can not get involved in a rigid diet.Extreme weight loss, in any case, harmful, bad for the entire body, but has long been thought up the best way to extreme weight loss - a healthy diet.

# 4

necessary to clearly define its purpose, to have patience, to develop willpower, and then proceed to action.It is necessary to completely give up sweets, fatty and starchy foods, eat less salt, eliminate sausages, semi-finished products.It is necessary to eat small portions, the last time you must eat three hours before bedtime, just calories a day - about a thousand.Breakfast - is required, on the day it is necessary to use not more than three fruits, because they have a lot of natural sugar, snacking can be dried fruits, but not more than six tricks, or low-fat yogurt, etc. For dinner, it is desirable to cook porridge, and still have to love vegetables.., they are low in calories, they are very useful.At the expense of the meat must be said that it is better to eat fish, chicken breast.It is important to know that when you want to have - it is necessary to drink water.