The essence of the diet Protasov

The essence of the diet Protasov
You will need:
  • patience
  • raw vegetables
  • milk products with fat content of up to 5%
  • curd
# 1

first thing you need to do starting to eat according to Kim's dietProtasov - measure its volume and weight.If even a small weight, this diet is not to the detriment, because it is recommended everyone to cleanse the body and build the body's metabolism.

# 2

first two weeks dietymenyu most rigorous: allowed to eat any raw vegetables, 1 boiled egg, any fermented milk products with fat content of not more than 5%, the three green apple a day.However, the undisputed advantage of this diet is a diet that allows you to eat at night.

# 3

From the fourth week the list of allowed products is extended: to all the above, add 250-300 grams of cooked poultry or fish, slightly reducing the amount of dairy products.Tea and coffee are allowed in any amount, but without sugar.

# 4

separate item in the diet Kim Protasov prescribed drinking regime, according to which the need to drink purified wate

r at least 2-2.5 liters per day (bottled water, herbal teas, green tea).The water in such an amount as is necessary in order to maintain all metabolic processes in the body at the proper level, to moisturize the skin from within, as well as taking into account the effect of cleansing diets to withdraw all unnecessary metabolic products.

# 5

most intensive weight starts to go away, starting from the fourth week.On average, Kim Protasov diet takes 8-10 kg of excess weight.Do not expect lightning fast results, but the result is guaranteed: cleanse the body, the pancreas is fully resume its function, leave extra weight, facial skin posvezheet eyes, disappeared craving for sweets and other harmful eating habits.

# 6

To with, dumped during dieting, overweight goodbye, you need to properly get out of the diet.The output provides five weeks of proper diet, introducing all the usual foods gradually, breakfast should include cereal, lunch meat or boiled fish with vegetable salad and dinner should be light, can be yogurt.

# 7

All who have tried diet Kim Protasov, in one voice say that it is very easy to be transported and the obvious result.But do not forget about a moderate but regular exercise, let it be not a gym, and a few exercises, but they should do every day.