Ducane Diet for Weight Loss for Men

Ducane Diet for Weight Loss for Men
You will need:
  • Willpower
  • suitable set of products
  • desire to lose weight
# 1

make a man eat less than usual, almost impossible.And it has a bad effect on his form that does not allow to feel young and attractive.Organisms women and men have a lot of differences.Therefore, the diet to representatives of a strong half of mankind should be special.One of the best ways to lose weight for men is considered Dukan Diet.Its essence lies in the use of large amounts of protein foods, which are so necessary a male body.

# 2

Because one day men spend more calories than women, and the power they have to be appropriate.Besides physical labor presupposes the existence of a great muscle mass, which can support the tone by eating protein.That is why this diet is best suited for men.The main products of this method of losing weight are meat and fish, as they are rich in protein and healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids needed by the male body.

# 3

In Ducane diet diet men should always include dai

ry products.This may be milk, yoghurt and kefir.The main thing - they should be low-calorie.Do not give up, and from fresh fruits and vegetables.Include them in your daily diet, you can not only lose weight, but also to enrich the body with essential vitamins and minerals that are needed at any age.Proper nutrition will help to strengthen bone, cardiovascular and digestive systems, to establish the metabolic processes in the body.

# 4

French nutritionist recommended in combination with a diet to use physical exercises, especially those aimed at training and an increase in body muscles.But the main thing here is not to overdo it, because you can burn muscle instead of fat burning.It is also important to correctly calculate the amount of protein is used as an excess is converted into body fat (so you need to be wary of the protein products).The recommended daily dose of the protein - 3 g per 1 kg body weight.

# 5

Ducane Diet involves a male exclusion from the diet of fried, salt, flour and sweet food.But fresh lettuce and other vegetables can be eaten without restriction.The disadvantage of this method is that a set of recommended products can not fully meet the needs of the male body.And some useful vitamins and minerals come in less than expected.If men become necessary to use a diet, the choice of this method is very successful, because with the help of the male form will find its former appeal.