Diet Queen Margaret of 9 days

Diet Queen Margaret of 9 days
You will need:
  • Recommendations
  • Restrictions
  • Pros and cons of diet
  • Diet Queen Marguerite
# 1

diet Queen Margaret's is not simple.But at the same time it is very effective in the fight against excess weight.With this diet, you can not worry about health, because it is well balanced.This 9-day diet, which involves a number of recommendations and restrictions.The very first rule in this diet is to avoid the use of alcohol, sweet, flour, sugar and a variety of cereals.Secondly, in any case can not skip breakfast.Otherwise, the diet will come to nothing.

# 2

should also be remembered that the body can not experience a shortage of liquid.It is necessary to drink a lot of water.In this way it is possible to prevent the occurrence of edema.You need to drink a lot - up to 2-2.5 liters of water per day.Can green tea without sugar or water, but in any case not soda.Limit protein intake.First of all, it is not recommended to abuse meat.The daily rate is approximately 200-250 grams.It is nece

ssary to make a sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.Should eat smaller portions, but often - at least 4-6 times per day.This way of eating will help to avoid problems with the stomach and intestines.And another thing - should be fasting day on kefir once a week.

# 3

should also consider the pros and cons of this diet.Firstly, it is well-balanced diet, which is not harmful to health.Plus - she is also available today.You can be perfectly clean the body and improve metabolism With the help of this diet.Due to the fiber - fruits and vegetables - the body is not exhausted, and the feeling of hunger is not at all.But there is one drawback.Not all fans of sour-milk products, especially yogurt, which should conduct discharge day.Especially it should not be used in urolithiasis, gastritis, ulcers or other stomach diseases.

# 4

What is this technique, which was developed by Queen Margaret?Diet lasts 9 days.From the first to the third day should eat only rice.It is necessary to soak the evening cup of rice in the morning, boil and eat the entire portion on a bit to 6-7 pm.And so 3 days.The next three days - protein foods.And to be precise - only boiled chicken without salt, spices and skin.Permission is granted to 1 kg of meat a day and nothing else.And the last three days - the vegetables.You can eat any vegetables, except potatoes.You also can not add salt and fry.It can be raw, cooked or cooked vegetables in a double boiler.Up 6-7 in the evening should eat with measured portions to a kilogram of vegetables.And most importantly do not forget to drink plenty of fluids throughout the diet and the result will not take long.