Proper nutrition for weight loss : the menu and recommendations

Proper nutrition for weight loss : the menu and recommendations
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# 1

First you need to figure out how many calories you spend during the day.It depends on your need of food throughout the day.For women, the average daily rate of 1200 Kcal.more info calculate your rate, you can use online calculators that will help start a proper diet for weight loss.The menu is based on this figure.

# 2

Do you have a figure - the daily body's need for calories.Long known fact: that to lose weight, the energy (calories) it is necessary to spend more than it receives.And here all tend to receive less, that is, eat less.This is not true, it is - not a proper diet for weight loss, the menu should be balanced.In the day - not less than 1200 kcal, or after the cancellation of diet fat returns to triple size.Nutritionists recommend to start to spend more - go.Running, dancing, sports - it's not only use up extra calories, but also enhance the metabolism and thus help to eat more and not gain weight.

# 3

His daily volume of energy we need to get out of the right foods: white meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cereals.Admitted wholegrain bread.If you decided to go on a proper diet for weight loss, the menu should be balanced.The most important rule: carbs only in the morning, no sweet and starchy foods, frequent snacking, dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime, all portions of no more glass tumbler.

# 4

Sample menu for a woman with a sedentary lifestyle will look like for breakfast oatmeal, tea, an hour and a half snack any fruit, dinner fish or meat with vegetables or salad, snack kefir or natural yoghurt, cottage cheese casserole for dinner and tea.Important - do not be afraid to eat, the main thing that would be small portions, and the products were not high-calorie (pastries, nuts, sausage).Do not be afraid of fat.Of these hormones are built.But fats also have to be "right": oily fish and flaxseed will be a little more useful fatty kebabs and butter.

# 5

important for us to "disperse" the metabolism, that is, speed up the metabolism, then there will be more, and at the same time the body will not gain extra weight and volume.For acceleration of its metabolism should eat more vegetables: regularly snacking on light green salad, substitute a side dish vegetables, in addition, vegetables are low in calories, but they give a feeling of satiety for a long, unlike bread or buns.

# 6

Men also retains all the basic principles, but men's metabolism is faster due to the large amounts of testosterone and muscle mass, so men, even wanting to lose weight, you must have no less than 1600-1800 calories.In addition, a man needs protein more than a woman, and then the menu should be more meat, fish, seafood, cheese and cheese.Also, men can afford servings more.

# 7

Weight loss should be healthy, in no case should not sit on the extreme diet, proper diet will give better results.The right menu is necessary to support all life, it is not only keep your body attractive and healthier your body.