Lose Weight on the Kremlin diet

Lose Weight on the Kremlin diet
You will need:
  • low consumption of carbohydrates
  • willpower
# 1

Now Internet is teeming with various proposals "miracle" diets, which get rid of 15 kg for 2 weeks, but the resultthey are usually not given, but rather is added after excess of 5 kg in the rhythm input power.The Kremlin diet, which is based on eating foods with low carbohydrate content, not only helps to lose weight, but also significantly improve health.The main enemies of a beautiful body and good health is the large number of carbohydrates, which under the action of the hormone insulin, rapidly turning into body fat.

# 2

According to numerous studies in the field of nutrition, it is usually quickly recover those people who have a blood insulin levels at a normal level of glucose higher than normal levels.Often, it happens in cases where a person consumes a large amount of carbohydrates.To avoid annoying disappointments Kremlin diet will help tame your appetite and lower the levels of insulin in the blood.If this diet

is reduced not only weight, but also a sense of irresistible desire to bite something sweetly eventually disappear.Once a person is experiencing "insulin breaking" craving for sweets is negated, the appetite becomes moderate, and bright involucre biscuits and sweets are no longer attracted to.

# 3

Kremlin diet offers the power supply circuit - in the daily diet of the person carbohydrates should not exceed 30%.The focus, oddly enough, in the first place is on fats - there should be no more than 40%, and the remaining 30% are assigned to the proteins.To comply with the severity of this diet, it has been specially designed table "value" products.It is endowed with any food product price, which is expressed in units.Those who want to lose weight, you should eat every day not more than 40 at.ie, to maintain weight -. 60 y.e. It is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of clean water, without regard to drinking tea, coffee and other liquids.

# 4

can not eat sugar, all sweet and flour, bread and cereals.The diet includes low-fat beef, veal, chicken, fish, cheese, eggs.Vegetables should be excluded from potato, pumpkin and limit consumption, beam bulb, soybean, beet and corn.But the greens can be eaten in unlimited quantities.Portions need to do a little, chew food well.The most important thing in the Kremlin diet - a lot of patience and willpower, and the result will justify all expectations.Still, we should not forget that the described method of weight loss is very effective, but they can not get involved much, because it is stressful for the body, it is recommended to use only twice a year.