Diet Agapkina : the menu for the week

Diet Agapkina : the menu for the week
You will need:
  • Vegetables, fruit
  • Dairy
  • Dried fruits, nuts
  • water, green tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks
  • Lean meat, fish
# 1

The main difference with this diet, as "diet Maggi" is that we should not give up your next meal, or eat only 3-4 staples.First of all, you need to buy good quality products, do not overeat, to cook food without saturating it with extra calories, as well as to supplement the diet properly chosen physical activity.While Maggie popular diet involves consuming a large number of egg dishes and the abandonment of certain meat and dairy products.Agapkina Diet promises weight loss in 7 days, up to 5-6 kg.overweight.The main feature of the diet - eating lots of fruits and vegetables in order to obtain the greatest possible amount of fiber.

# 2

Out of dairy products can be consumed virtually any, even the fat cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt.From flour products can be eaten whole grain or bran bread.It is also a prerequisite - a day to eat 20 grams of dry bran, adding

them to the soup or second courses.Vegetables are allowed, any, both fresh and stewed, boiled, baked form.You need to eat oatmeal, buckwheat, boiled rice, replacing their consumption of pasta.Lunch is always necessary to start with a bowl of soup, a meat or fish and vegetable.Sergei Agapkina Diet does not provide for the reception of any additional vitamin-mineral complexes, since the content of nutrients in the total volume is met by supply.

# 3

Sweets replaced with dried fruit, honey, natural marshmallows, fruit desserts.Drink must be up to 2 liters of fluid per day, excluding alcoholic and sugary sodas.Approximate daily diet from Sergei Agapkina might look as follows.For breakfast you can eat cheese with dried fruit and drink a glass of tea with lemon.Lunch - salad of cabbage with vegetable oil, chicken soup with meatballs and a small chop garnished with vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers).As a daily snack can afford an apple and a glass of yogurt.Dinner - fish with a side dish of buckwheat porridge, a glass of cranberry juice.Another menu option: breakfast - an omelet from 2 eggs, a cup of green tea.

# 4

Lunch - salad of boiled beets and carrots, soup of sea fish, chop with vegetable ragout.On an afternoon snack - a banana and a cup of yogurt.Dinner - a piece of boiled chicken with vegetables, a glass of kefir.Independently you can create a menu for a further period of diet on the principle of inclusion of a sufficient amount of protein foods and vegetables that are rich in fiber, fruit and drinks.During the application of such a diet the body does not suffer from the constant feeling of hunger, therefore, not in a state of stress.The effect of a seven-day diet - not just to get rid of a few kilograms overweight, but also refreshed exterior, leather trim and a good mood.