How do I know the interview result?

How do I know the interview result?
You will need:
  • thorough preparation for the interview
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Phone and email
# 1

How to find out the results of the interview?Most of the applicants after the passage of a huge number of interviews discouraged and lose the desire to continue their efforts to find work, as they constantly hear in response, "We will call you back," and in return get nothing.This phrase is often the employer uses, but it is by no means does not mean instant failure.Employees should review at least ten people per vacancy, to make the right choice.Often in search of work in the interviews come highly educated people suitable for this place, but for some reason can not properly present themselves to stand out from the crowd of applicants so that the employer is required to call back to them.Probably, it is necessary to better understand how to be interviewed.

# 2

It is enough to observe a few simple rules.It is not necessary to dress for a job interview, how to meet friends.Modesty in dress and

bedding colors are welcome.Talking about yourself, you have to be precise in the wording and does not falter.Also, do not be shy to answer questions, even if the applicant does not know the correct answer.And to ask additional questions.After the famous phrase "we will call you back," do not worry, but rather to clarify the exact date, when to wait for a response.Pozuyas these tips, you can expect that 80 percent outcome will be positive.

# 3

But how do you know the result of the interview?Perhaps he will call the employer and inform about the result, positive or negative.If an organization is serious, it will take care of their image and to understand that not to inform the applicant an answer - it's not ethical.After receiving a response to e-mail, you can see a negative answer to either of the applicant will be invited for further interview with the management.Sometimes waiting for results takes place at the door of the interview.Such a response will often be positive.Employer and employee really need it will not waste time.If suddenly the employer is not called back or has not in time, then in such a situation, the applicant must return the call yourself.The desire to find out the real situation regarding the candidates - naturally.Normal employer respond adequately to this question.