How to cut bangs machine : novice master

How to cut bangs machine : novice master
You will need:
  • hair clipper
  • comb
# 1

Beginners hairdressers working in the men's room, there are often difficulties and questions about how to cut bangs machine.Technique a haircut a few different techniques perform bangs haircut with scissors.If you have certain skills shearing machine process takes less time and get more bangs smooth and without "antenok".As a rule, cut bangs machine is carried out in combination with very short hair "under the nozzle."

# 2

For those who are aware, for example, cut poluboks machine, will not be difficult to mow and similarly bang.We should not leave it too long, since such a bang on the background of a short hairstyle will look disharmonious.For this reason also, be sure to thin out too thick bangs.Particularly relevant this caveat for those who are wondering how to shear machine boy.Quite often the child may have very thick hair.

# 3

Haircut bangs carried out after already framed the basic haircut.In this case the hair must be clean and dry.

As an auxiliary tool for cutting machine bangs need a flat comb.With the help of a comb in hair bang lifted perpendicular to the floor.Hair portion located on the outer surface of the comb machine is sheared.Anyone who knows how to cut "a machine", it is easy to cope with this task.Thus, the length of the bangs will be formed.

# 4

If necessary, an additional cutting out the hair again to hook the comb, and vertical movements of the master machine make hair straight cut gear.The less you need to do a bang, the deeper will be "teeth".After the haircut you need to remove all the "antenki" - solitary standing hairs whose presence spoils the whole look of a hairstyle.Especially good is understood by those who know how to cut a cat machine - on pets can be seen every nedostrizhenny hair.Having mastered the skills of this simple procedure, the novice master will greatly enhance their professional skills.This, in turn, will contribute to attract new satisfied customers.