How to open the washing machine during the wash ?

How to open the washing machine during the wash ?
You will need:
  • citric acid
  • inlet hose and the level of instruction
# 1

Sometimes in the process of the washing machine stops.For example, due to blackout banal, or because some other failure arises an acute need to open the washer.Panic attacks can be avoided if you know how to open a washing machine.Actions are very simple.Drain water from the drum, through a hose connected to the sewage system, if it is located at the bottom.Or through the strainer hole, which is often located in the bottom right corner.The drum vacuum is created and can be opened in a few minutes.

# 2

One of the reasons for which the machine is out of order the formation of scale on the heating elements.Due to the large amount of salts of calcium and magnesium, soluble in water, as well as dust and rust grains.The procedure of how to make a washing machine, very easy.Fall asleep in the washing machine acidic agent (descaler) for descaling, or citric acid.We produce washing without laundry.In the washing process

, a chemical reaction, the cleaning of the tank wall and the heating element from the scale.This is an inexpensive but effective way.Caution in overdose may damage the rubber parts of the machine.

# 3

Although it is an expensive thing, with the right approach and the availability of information, how to install a washing machine, under the force of each.Priority actions such.First unscrew the shipping bolts from the rear panel.Second connect the water supply hose to the machine and the tap.Third tightly connect the drain hose to the drain.Fourth sure to put the washing machine in all planes to achieve sustainability (using a level).Check the installation can be carried out without washing clothes.

# 4

to a washing machine for a long time served, it needs proper operation.Long study, the operating instructions can be tiring, but concise instructions on how to use the washing machine can be to the article.Before you wash clothes, you need to make sure it did not get metal objects: paper clips, coins, pins, costume jewelery, rings and hooks, as they may damage the equipment.Pile, thread, dust and dirt often accumulate inside the washing machine, so you need time to clean it from time to time.The same need to perform with the filter from the pump.Determine whether or not to use a descaler.When washing at low temperatures, use a tool optionally

# 5

today offers a wide range of washing machines and each of them, how to find an approach to the child.