How to make video from photos to music ?

How to make video from photos to music ?
You will need:
  • camera
  • computer
# 1

Photo - This is a memory.Its genesis is determined by the mid-19th century.Now people are more likely to go to travel and shoot thousands of photos.There have major life events - and this is again a thousand photos.The most efficient way to store them - in video format.So, how to make video from photos to music?The first thing you need to transfer all the photos taken during holiday / festival / photo session on the computer using the USB-adapter or connecting a memory card.The next step will be the formation of folders with photos, arranged in chronological order.Once the work with sorting photos, desired for the film is over, it is time to be taken for the creation of the film.

# 2

standard programs on any modern computer is a Windows MovieMaker, which is absolutely free and is a part of any Windows.This article will explain how to make a movie from photos to music to this software.This software is easy to use and it is very easy to make video fr

om photos to music.You can create presentations, a wonderful memorable videos: cut scenes, to create a smooth transition between frames, add simple effects, insert text in the video series, all kinds of music, some want the creator of the film.For a beginner, this program is the fact!

# 3

It imported photos, music to be used in the video.Since the photos are already in the correct order - you can immediately proceed to their comments (add slides or labels on the photos themselves), you can begin to experiment with transition effects and explanatory pictures slide.Effects are displayed on the right, and no one will not be difficult to choose which is suitable in a given situation.For the film, you can choose a special theme.The duration of the show, too, can be adjusted photos - all of these features will be displayed in the box in the middle.

# 4

The program also has the ability to insert video fragments, whose sound can mute or vice versa to make louder.It's the same with music accompanying the film.It can be cut anywhere, making softer or louder.Once the video is ready - it is to save it in a format that will fit your computer and will also be suitable for viewing on your TV, tablet.

# 5

Another program that can help in making the film of the photo - this Slideshow.The program is created entirely in Russian, so it will be easy to use.To create a good video clip must be selected clear quality pictures.The first step in the program - loading all the necessary photo, then begins the stage of their clearance.Then you need to include your imagination, your creativity.As in Windows MovieMaker there is transition effects and a variety of subjects, the ability to choose the time display photos.You can also choose the music for the film series.The next stage - the preservation of the film.

# 6

following program, which is capable of creating movies from photos - it NeroVision.It is possible to mount a film of an unlimited number of photos and pictures of any quality, although it is better to use a good quality photo.Here, as in the previously described programs, you can add music to accompany the text, slide transition effects (photos), you can pick up a special style to the film or its selected parts.When the film is ready - you need to save it.The program is presented avi format.

# 7

This article - a small guide to create movies from photos.Usually in the Internet market are constantly emerging new convenient program to create presentations, and videos, as this can be done directly online on the Internet and to send to family and friends.The possibilities are many.The above program, for the moment, are the best known and verified.One has only to turn on the imagination, and life moments captured on static pictures come alive in the music video series.Good luck.