How to disassemble the camera lens itself?

How to disassemble the camera lens itself?
You will need:
  • disassemble lens
  • remove the lens
  • check lens
# 1

As is known, the main part of any model of the camera - a lens.But it is also the hardest part.Therefore, for the dismantling of the lens is best to contact a service center.However, there is one problem.The number of such services on the repair technique is very slight.Maybe then, try to repair the camera and lens cleaning and will be the best solution.How to disassemble the camera lens itself?Best option - is to download the instructions for disassembling the lens on the manufacturer's website.Usually, the necessary tools for this operation are the Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, a rubber bulb to blow off dust.Disassembly should be carried out on a clean white sheet or cloth to avoid losing small parts or damage, do not scratch the lens.All manipulations with lenses made gloves, leaving no stains on the glass.

# 2

disassemble the lens is necessary and if it needs to be changed.It turns out that ordinary digital camer

a has a built-in lens.But SLR camera, a so-called "SLR", has the ability to change the lens.To know how to choose the lens, you need to understand why it should be done.The distance from the center of the lens to the camera matrix is ​​called the focal length.And the longer the focal length, the closer objects are located at photographing.Thus, if you want to photograph portraits, it is better to use a standard lens with a focal length from 35mm to 85mm.He does not give distortion.To shoot landscapes, architectural and interior design will be the best short-throw lens, to improve relief.But for taking distant objects are ideal for long-focus lenses.

# 3

So, most likely the camera with removable lenses will become a necessity for true photographic professionals.Surprised by how fast they take one and then wind the other lens.Here, of course, you need a skill.But it turns out, the complex is how to remove the lens, there is nothing.You just need to carefully unscrew that unscrewed.Typically, this metal rings which hold the lens.Then, the outer glass is removed, and the lens is pulled over.At present, remove the lens in the shortest time allows, so-called bayonet.This type of lens mount to the chassis provides instant connection and disconnection.However, there is one drawback.Each firm to his machine produces its own original set of interchangeable lenses that do not fit already to the next camera.Therefore, an ideal option, select the brand of the same manufacturer as the vehicle itself.

# 4

Before buying you need to know how to check the lens.First, using a magnifying glass, he checked for mechanical damage - scratches, cracks, abrasions, scratches on the glass.Inspect the lens should be in the light.Thus it can be seen in the cracks, bubbles, dust.Although the presence of small amounts of bubbles and dust are allowed.In addition, the camera should be checked for accuracy of focus and resolution.If done correctly, the selected and carefully tested lens will give a guarantee for long and faithful service!