How to use the phone's camera as a webcam ?

How to use the phone
You will need:
  • Windows Mobile.
  • Android.
  • iOS.
# 1

very first who began to think about how to use your phone as a webcam, software developers are just para Windows Mobile.The first program was the Cool Camera (WebCamera Plus).She has worked on this principle: an image obtained from a camera phone, transferred to a PC (for Bluetooth, USB-cable or via Wi-Fi).One of the positive features of this program is the ability to use the smartphone microphone for making calls in to Skype.

# 2

Not so long ago, a new application Mobiola WEB Camera, it is completely identical to WedCamera Plus, but it supports the use of devices not only on Windows, but the operating systems such as Blackbarry and Symbian.Both programs have a number of useful features, such as: change the video resolution, saving images and video recording.Both programs allow you to shoot video of sufficient quality, but above all it depends on the camera itself.

# 3

gaining increasing popularity smartphones that are running And

roid.And this kind of smart phones can be used as a webcam.There are many programs for doing so, and one of the most affordable - it IPCamAdapter.First of all you need to download the most IPCamAdapter application on your computer and your smartphone IP Webcam application.

# 4

selected all desired settings on the smartphone after application startup:.. Permit selection of the camera (if 2), focus, etc. After the application is activated on a computer, and you receive the IP-address to connect a smartphone to connectsmartphone can be through Wi-Fi, cable, which is not very convenient.After connecting will only decide how to secure the phone to suit a variety of car holders or any docking station, with which you can securely attach the device.

# 5

for flagship iPhone popular apple company if PocketCam application, it allows you to use the phone's camera as a webcam.After the establishment of paid or free app on your smartphone, your computer is set PocketControl program.After running the application settings need the IP-address, which is written in the program on the PC in the IP tab, if it is not specified.All the iPhone is connected to the video tab can see the camera image.