How to find a job like in 30 years ?

How to find a job like in 30 years ?
You will need:
  • seniority
  • desire to qualitatively change their lives
  • commitment
  • diligence
# 1

Usually, people finish their studies in higher education at age 22and by the end of the third dozen have enough experience and skills debugged to qualitatively change his life and, in particular, work.There are many options to do so.Someone, after sitting seven or eight years in office cabinets every day shifting the same piece of paper from place to place and listening undeserved complaints from the authorities decide to break this vicious circle, to stop working, "Uncle" and go to the free swimming.There are several options for how to find a job for everyone.

# 2

can become an individual entrepreneur, registered in the tax and to work exclusively for themselves.In this case, even if you can not open a business, you can enter into contracts with the same large employers, but at the same pay less tax - according to a simplified scheme is 6% instead of 13. Many masters of all trades, and

women and menturn your hobby into a business - making furniture by hand, forged, knit, sew.Among women, it is especially popular lately soap-making, felting wool, manufacture and sale of metal jewelry and natural stones.The work itself has its own charm - no need to wrestle with how to not go to work.Schedule and scope of work determines the man himself.

# 3

Besides the physical work, at home, you can also work on the Internet.For example, teachers can engage in tutoring, or even to organize courses in the subject.Most popularity gaining language learning with the teacher on Skype.Attachments minimum here - time for preparation of the course and pay for Internet traffic, distance learning also does nullifies all other costs.Out of options, how to find work at home, there is also the work of a copywriter at numerous online exchanges.To do this, you need a good command of the Russian language and be able to write a coherent text on a given topic.The scope of work also can be selected independently, after checking job money comes to e-wallet, which then can be displayed on a bank card.

# 4

If the work itself seems too risky, the milestone of 30 years - it's time to ask and even demand his superiors promotion.For sure, eight years of service and contribution to the company will be a sufficient reason.And if not, you can simply change jobs more lucrative.And let only drawback in this venture will be the task to figure out how to take time off from work early.

# 5

If a citizen, who turned 30 years old, feels the makings of a leader, he was no stranger to politics and want to change for the better not only their own but also other people's lives, or at least makepeople live better around, he can try his hand at the local government, or even to run for governor in elections or senators.At least vozvrastnoy qualifications for these posts he has priodolel.Will only mobilize their organizational ability and charisma to convince as many people as possible to vote for themselves.Perhaps the awareness of how many people support it, and will guarantee a successful career on the dream.After all, life is just beginning in 30 years.