How to remove the beer belly for men ?

How to remove the beer belly for men ?
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# 1

Beautiful athletic figure - a symbol of man who has succeeded in this life.To this aim, but not all, it turns out, it is possible, so today is no surprise a man with a big belly.However, it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also harmful to health.Many people wonder: how to remove the beer belly at home?It is possible, the main thing - to have a great desire and willpower.

# 2

Before starting the fight against this problem, you must understand the reason why the beer belly appears.This may be due to several factors: unhealthy diet, a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal failure or visceral disease.And if the last two will handle only a doctor, the first two can be resolved on its own.

# 3

With regard to nutrition, this does not mean that help is only a rigid diet, the main thing - is to exclude from your diet foods that cause flatulence, fermentation in the gut, as well as contributing to the postponement of fat.It is necessary to eliminate all sweet

s, pastries, bread, pasta, semi-finished products, sausage and potatoes.Try to make every day on the table were fruit, vegetables, grains, lean meats and fish.And most importantly - you need to forget about the beer and spirits.Alcohol is a destructive impact on the intestinal microflora, causing flatulence, bloating, and also stimulates the appetite.Each passing day should end with a glass of kefir or unsweetened yogurt.

# 4

Many are not able to go to the gym, but the athletic training must be present in the life of any person.How to remove the beer belly at home in men with exercise?Of course, it is not necessary immediately to buy free weights and exercise equipment packs and rock till you drop at home, abrupt load may not be the best way to tell the health, everything should be in moderation.It is better to start with light aerobic exercise, such as running or walking, they will not only start the process of burning fat, but also to improve the functioning of the heart, blood vessels, all the organs and systems, as well as prepare the body for proper weight loss.

# 5

How to get rid of belly fat?Of course, you can only remove belly fat through exercise on a press.But one climbs the trunk from the supine position will not be enough, the muscles in this area is very easy to become accustomed to loads, so fat intake should be complex, combining abdominal exercises with exercises on balance, the equilibrium, which are widely represented in yoga and Pilates.The exercises with the Swiss ball will help to involve muscle-stabilizers and muscle layers, deeply buried in the body.He has proven roller press.Judging by the reviews, it really helps to remove the belly and make expressive relief.

# 6

And always need to start training with the weakest groups - the lower abdominal muscles.Because if you leave them in the final training session, when the body is already tired, more will be loaded with the top press, which is already strong enough.Well pump muscles of the lower press can use the leg lift in vise.The man, a little bit of sports readiness, useful to perform upgrades on the wall bars.If this is not possible, you can do kick their feet, knees bent.

# 7

Tighten stomach and lose weight, you can also through massage, it also helps to relax the muscles after a workout.Massage, sauna, nutrition and sport - that's 4 components that can help in the fight for an ideal figure and health.