How to get a summer job in Finland ?

How to get a summer job in Finland ?
You will need:
  • desire to work
  • English visa, the embassy
  • money reviews, check
# 1

very unfair that many are working abroad programs have certainlimitations.Often they are only available for students or for people of a certain profession and education.But there are also those in which everyone can participate - the work of the summer in Finland.What it is?Seasonal work in Finland involves gathering berries on farms.Period of works - from March to September.The program is designed for three months and stay on the farm.Piecework pay hourly or per kilogram.

# 2

How to get into such programs?There are two ways: independently draw up the documents or contact the agency.Work in the summer means getting the usual 3-month visa, so any problems with the registration will not be.To arrange your own documents, the farmer must find yourself, that will take the applicant to work.On the Internet, many of these proposals.This option is ideal for people who are fluent in English.After that you shou

ld contact the embassy and get the visa.Those who go on summer jobs, are not required to pass an interview at the embassy.After receiving the visa, you must consider the driving directions to the place of work in Finland and buy tickets.

# 3

when handling money will have to pay for the services of the agency.For example, search for job, visa, transfer to the farm and back on the bus.Prices can range from 300 up to $ 1,000 per person, all depends on the package.This option is more expensive in terms of money, but it saves time in finding a job.Choosing one or another agency, it is necessary to examine reviews about his work.There are cases when the employee cheating, promising one thing and doing in practice is quite another.For example, when the salary is less than promised.Or instead of specified schedule from 6 am to 6 pm, the farmer makes working with 05.00 to 20.00.Therefore, before you turn into a company, check its reputation.Jobs in Finland in the summer - this is a good chance to spend a season abroad and earn good money at the same time!