How to disable the touchpad on a laptop : a program to disable the touchpad

How to disable the touchpad on a laptop : a program to disable the touchpad
You will need:
  • Laptop
  • alternative pointing device (eg, mouse)
# 1

modern laptops are designed to ensure that consumers can enjoy all the features of the personal computer away from homeor Internet cafes.That is why these special devices installed that enable the tourist travel or business trip to do the work on the computer as convenient and enjoyable.One of such devices and relates touchpad - touch panel that replaces a laptop mouse.Most modern touchpads, in contrast to the classical computer mouse, have a number of additional functions, such as zooming of photos, fast page turns, opening the menu "start" and many others.

# 2

Despite all these advantages over the mouse, the touchpad has a number of disadvantages.Firstly, not all the programs and games easy to use touchpad and can not do without some of the mouse.Second, many modern laptops are equipped with touch-screen, so the touchpad them useless.Third, often careless hand touch touchpad lead to undesired consequences.Therefore,

it is often a question arises among the users how to disable a finger on a laptop control function.

# 3

There are many ways on how to disable the touchpad on a laptop.The simplest of them - off using the function key.Notebook manufacturers provide a convenient feature, as the management of the computer settings by pressing the corresponding function keys.These keys allow you to enable or disable the power bluetooth and wi-fi devices, increase or decrease the speaker volume and screen brightness, as well as enable or disable the touchpad.Located such buttons, most often on the keys F1 through F12 function key on each depicts a certain character that makes it easy to determine what the function of this key.

# 4

Default on most modern laptops performs the function that is provided by the key when you press the function key.To use the F1-F12 keys for its intended purpose, in this case, you must hold down a special key, Fn having the designation.If the touchpad does not shut down when you press a function key, press it again while holding the Fn button.If this method is turned off (with the key Fn) is inconvenient, it is possible to switch the control of the function keys in the BIOS menu.

# 5

Another option on how to disable the touchpad in the laptop is off the device with the help of the manager in the control panel of the touchpad.To do this, go to the Control Panel and select the menu "Mouse".Among the tabs "mouse" panel on laptops should be a single, characteristic only for portable devices with touchpad.The name of this tab can be different, such as "control device" or "device features", it all depends on the manufacturer.After selecting this item, the user enters into a kind of device manager, which is enough to press a single button to disable the touchpad.If you want to include a touch panel, log on the same device manager, and press the corresponding button.

# 6

If touchpad disable the ways suggested above are not suitable, experienced users can start to drastic measures.First, to disable the device driver it can be removed for this in the "Device Manager" to find and remove the driver for the touchpad on the corresponding tab.After removing the driver the computer can not "see" touch panel, that is, the touchpad is disabled.Secondly, it is possible to disassemble the laptop and disconnect from the motherboard plume, which the touch panel is connected to the laptop.In this case, the touch pad in the same computer will be lost and, accordingly, will be disabled.