How to wiretap mobile phone : wiretapping cell phone

How to wiretap mobile phone : wiretapping cell phone
You will need:
  • Smartphone or cell phone with SIM-card of one of the cellular operators in Russia
  • Ability to connect a smartphone to the Internet
# 1

Special services for wiretapping using SORM system -through it they can track any phone conversation directly, not even placing in the mobile operator fame.Identify phone wiretap intelligence services is not possible, but if it is organized by a private individual, you can try to find it for some typical characteristics.However, one should always remember that the GSM cellular communication is unable to ensure adequate privacy of telephone conversations.Therefore, it should not be talking on the phone to sound a valuable and sensitive information.

# 2

now about how to identify a cell phone wiretapping without special equipment and knowledge.The first clear sign: mobile phone intensively works when it is not used.If this is a smartphone, the first thing you should disable all possible programs that can run in the background.When in passi

ve mode, the phone battery is heated as well as the intensive work - it says that operates some hidden program may spy.On the same points, and rapid discharge batteries.If she suddenly starts to sit down quickly, this is one more reason to sound the alarm - a battery generates the resource and needs to be changed or the phone "hacked".Check is simple: replace the battery for the same, but a new one.If the problems remain - it is in your phone.

# 3

should pay attention to other forms of atypical phone activity.For example, if he was off for too long, or even sometimes refuses to do so.Or during a call, you hear a strange echo, crackles and clicks.It happens that the phone itself suddenly ignited lights and he starts something installed without the user's knowledge.All these are signs that spyware is installed on your phone.The easiest way to get rid of it - resetting the phone to factory settings with complete removal of all applications.Before you install anything on the phone again, you must update its firmware.You can do it yourself through a reliable channel is the Internet, or with the help of a specialist.If all else fails, it is recommended to show the phone to reliable and experienced master for phone repair any faulty device, or embedded 'bug' him.