How to watch online TV on your TV ?

How to watch online TV on your TV ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • TV
  • cord
  • Internet
# 1

The first thing you must do before you watch TV channels through the internet on the TV is to connectTV to your PC.First you need to examine the documentation for the TV and the video card, or else see which outputs video have TV and video.Typically, the video card rear there are two or three jacks for video output: analogue monitor (flat with 15 holes in three rows, typically blue), analog TV (round plug) and digital versatile the DVI (flat large, with holes infour rows and one flat side).We strongly recommend the latter, provided that your TV has the same video input.Using a digital connection will provide the highest quality images with minimal difficulty setting.Otherwise will have to connect the TV cord s-video via an analog channel, you may need an adapter.

# 2

After connecting the TV to the computer, he begins to work as a monitor.Now you need to adjust the viewing Internet TV, which will need to download and install one or mor

e programs.For example, TV Player Classic program - such as the Russian version can be downloaded here: http: // / ru / tvplayerclassic.exe - after installing the link opens in a browser using this program in Russian.The program already contains a list of hundreds of channels and allows you to add your own, for it to work correctly must be running the latest version of Internet Explorer, and expand it to Adobe Flash Player.

# 3

Another similar program is RusTVPlayer, which can be downloaded from the website http: // / (the button "Download").It is much easier and more comfortable in the settings, it can help to not only to view Internet TV, and listen to almost any radio station in Russian.Program for viewing Internet TV, in fact, a lot of - it makes sense to look for them at your leisure, especially since the new programs of this type continue to appear all the time.It should also be noted that the Internet can view the television from his site, such as broadcast TV channel "Rain" is available at http: // / live /