How do I know what sound card is in the computer?

How do I know what sound card is in the computer?
You will need:
  • computer with the operating system Windows
  • family installed a sound card - Built-in or plug-
  • Access to the Internet to download additional programs
  • administrator rights in
  • operating system installed DirectX (or the possibility to download and install)
# 1

first on how to find out what sound card is in the computer by means of the operating system.In Windows 7/8: in the "Start" menu, open the "Control Panel» → «System and Security» → «System" (or press the key combination Win + PauseBreak, or right-click on the icon "Computer" on the desktop, then"properties").Here, in the left pane to select "Device Manager" - left-click on it: Open the Device Manager window, where among other things there is a line "Sound, video and game controllers" - left-click on it.Sound devices can be identified by the word "Audio", which usually appears in their name.Not every audio device is a sound card, so it is better to rewrite all device names in this section and use them to search for dr

ivers on the Internet, if the problem is as follows.Usually, it is still the uppermost line in the list.

# 2

Of course, the easiest way to identify the sound card - see the documentation for your computer.In modern computers sound card is usually built into the motherboard, so you need to look for it.Also, many companies that sell computers, painting the details included in the details of the computer in the check.In the latter case it is necessary to look for the line "motherboard", usually it appears the word in the title of the component «Audio».Another "Iron" way - to open the system unit and see.But there are two problems: First, many companies that sell computers, oplombirovyvayut system unit, and in case of failure of the seals - are denied further warranty.Secondly, if the sound card is connected, it is not having special knowledge can be independently found it yet, but with built-in is already problematic.

# 3

more accurate way to find out how the sound card on your computer requires the installation of special software.Most of these programs are paid, but there are a few free.For example, you can use DirectX - a free software package from Microsoft: it is required for most multimedia applications, especially games.Its installer can be found neither any disk with the game, or download directly from the company website: http: // / ru-ru / download / details.aspx?id = 35 - then in the "Start" menu, select "Run ..." and enter "Dxdiag" - run DirectX hardware verification and diagnostics window appears.Under "Sound" first line the name of the sound device will be displayed (in parentheses).And the last way - using Everest (Ultimate or Corporation Edition) paid program.After installation, it must be run in a window, follow "Computer» → «Summary Information."In the "Multimedia" search item "Audio Adapter" - this is the name of the sound card.