How to make money in the summer child?

How to make money in the summer child?
You will need:
  • roundtable
  • Internet
  • social pedagogue child
  • neighbors
# 1

How to make summer a child?That summer came.Ended examinations and control in school, so children have more free time.Almost every parent thinks about what to do with the child for the summer.Someone sends children to rest.And someone is looking for at least a useful zanyatie- opportunity to earn some money for the baby.If only the child is not sitting idle.

# 2

First Initiative to work in the summer to come from the child.Parents or school teachers can only inform the adolescent about such a possibility.If the eyes have lit up the student, it is necessary to sit at the round table and discuss all options.Find out whether the child is ready to use?What he is interested?And then together to begin the search for income.

# 3

huge amount of information about how to make money in the summer you will find a child on the Internet.The main thing is to know how to dispose of it.It is necessary to take into accou

nt many factors when choosing a job.First of all, to see a job fair in your town for teenagers.Official legislation allows children to work at 14 years.For example, a child may engage in beautification of the city, but only if he wants to.Do not forget to listen to the child's opinion.

# 4

not trust the Internet?Then you can safely apply to their home school, a social pedagogue.After all, surely he has information about possible earnings for your child.For example, will send a teenager to a labor camp.There and fed well, and with peers your child to talk, and then spend time with interest.the school must provide parents with information on how to make money in the summer.

# 5

If your child is not fourteen, or he's just not ready for serious work, to help you can reach the neighbors.Many leave for summer vacation, go into the garden.Talk to the neighbors, they certainly come in handy helper.Look after pets, help the country, even the cleaning is possible in-house pensioner grandmother.

# 6

Whatever work is not carried away by a child, it will bring him only benefit.He will not walk in bad company and wander idle.Further work will teach him the value of money, it will help to prepare for adult life.The teenager will be more independent and responsible, and finally cease to beg for money from their parents.The main thing - do not overload a child, or advantages become disadvantages.