How to determine the model of the sound card ?

How to determine the model of the sound card ?
You will need:
  • computer running the Windows operating system 7 or 8
  • installed sound card - Built-in or plug-
  • Free access to the Internet to download additional programs
  • administrator rights in the operating system
# 1

The first thing we need to understand how to identify the sound card itself means Windows.In Windows 7, or 8, you must first open the menu "Start" button, then "Control Panel» → «System and Security» → «System" (or the window can be opened by pressing Win + PauseBreak, or by right-clicking on the icon "Computer"on the desktop - and then "properties").Here, in the left pane, you should pay attention to the item "Device Manager" and click the left mouse button on it.In the Device Manager window, there is a line "Sound, video and game controllers": left click on it will open a list of all devices of this type.

# 2

audio device here are those that have the word "Audio" in the title of that.If your computer is connected to multiple audio devices (eg, built-in motherboard

sound card and external plug), respectively, and the lines may be several.If the name of the same audio is repeated - this is normal, do not pay attention to it.If the device name is displayed in front of a yellow icon with an exclamation point - the drivers for the device are installed properly and do not work.Well, if this list does not display the sound output device, but there is something like "Unidentified audio device" - that drivers do not even have never been established.

# 3

To install the correct drivers, you need to determine the model of the sound card correctly.You can do this in two ways.You can see your computer's documentation (if the sound card built-in, you need to look at the documents by the parent map, or from the receipt of purchase, if there are painted on each of the individual components).Or you can use a special program that displays the name of the computer components.Pretty simple, and at the same time a free program of this type is PC Wizard - you can download it here: http: // / softwares / pc-wizard.html (the download link in the left corner, under "Download the latest release").

# 4

After downloading the installer, you need to run the file.Default should be offered to the Russian language, if not - it is recommended to select it manually.Next, you need to accept the license agreement, and install the program itself, after it starts.The first boot can be a long, simply wait.In the window that opens, on the left are large buttons with icons and top right - information on the devices.It is necessary to click the button to select the icon "Media" - and to the right will display information on multimedia devices.sound card model will be displayed in front of "Device Audio": this information can be used to find correct drivers on the Internet (right click on the line, then "Copy»