How to be interviewed ?

How to be interviewed ?
You will need:
  • Summary - the basis of the interview.
  • General Rules.
  • The more, the better.
# 1

interview is impossible without a resume.First and foremost, we must abandon the desire to tell a lie about - or in this document.All data verification will take place in the security service, and deception will be revealed.If the applicant had exaggerated his experience and skills embellished, it also pops up, and in the first days of work.Therefore, you need to be up to resume fair.But modesty is not: the applicant must not hesitate to mention all his achievements and successes in the last place of work, courses and training, which he completed, etc.But here's a summary prepared, sent to the employer's company, and received an invitation for an interview.How to be interviewed?After resume is one thing and live chat - is quite another.

# 2

first rule - do not be late.If the applicant is delayed, he must notify the recruiter.It is important to remember the appearance.Clothes should be clean

and tidy, in a business style, though not too strict.However, if the applicant applies for a creative profession, for example, a cameraman, and you can wear jeans.Best of all, should be appropriate.Naturally, the overwhelming number of applicants are worried at the interview.It's hard to hide.It is much easier to admit a small voltage, explaining it by the fact that the position of the firm and mean a lot to the applicant.It is not superfluous to prepare for the interview and learn about the company - the employer more.How to be interviewed, if almost all of the applicant aware of the place where he is trying to get a job?It's very easy!The recruiter will evaluate the training.

# 3

How to respond to provocative questions?Or questions - test items, when the applicant propose to solve the business - the problem?The main thing - not to show confusion, can not be silent.Whatever it was, if someone - then decided to change jobs, you need to be prepared for a series of interviews with different employers.The longer a candidate is looking for, the better he will be interviewed.Therefore, if you just could not find a job, take it stands as training for future achievements.