How to dress for a job interview the woman ?

You will need:
  • Austerity
  • Cleanliness
  • Neatness
  • Harmony
  • Style
# 1

Already at first sight the interlocutor will begin to form an impression, it will start to make some conclusions.It should manifest itself as a reliable, serious and responsible person.Do not even think about how to "drop" in the office, coming back from the store with bags or taking the child from sada.Optimalny option - stylish business suit.If it includes a skirt, you should know that its length should not be shorter than 5-6 cm above the knee.According to the rules of business etiquette skirt should cover the knees when she sits.

# 2

Another aspect that business women need to consider when planning how to be interviewed - blouse.It should be self-colored, without embroidery, and other eye-catching decorative elements.It is unacceptable too frank neckline.Laid bare hands as it is not necessary.

# 3

legs in any case should not attract attention.Tights or stockings should not be decorated with a pattern.It is

best to restrict bodily stockings or tights of good quality.It is not recommended to come for an interview at all without them.

# 4

Shoes - one of the most important things is how to dress for a job interview the woman.It certainly should be in harmony with the whole costume.Do not choose options with high heels.Even in the warm season it is not advisable to open the heel or toe.The classic choice for business meetings considered shoes pumps.

# 5

If your company is not a hard dress code, you still should look like can be modest and tidy.No bright accessories hanging headphones from the player, sports suits - it's still a job interview.

# 6

desirable to hide the presence of piercings, tattoos and other "non-standard" jewelry.In general, makeup, jewelry and perfume should be very careful.Here, the principle of when it is best "under-" rather than "transfer".And, of course, in the interview clothes should be clean, neat and well the pressed.So much easier to locate a potential employer to her from the very first seconds vstrechi.Uspehov!