To enable hardware acceleration ;games to go without hardware acceleration

To enable hardware acceleration ;games to go without hardware acceleration
You will need:
  • current computer with Windows 7 or 8
  • video card operating system in the computer, built-in or connectable
  • Actual drivers for all major devices connected
  • installed DirectX
# 1

Video and audio system have their own processor for specific tasks.When they work as intended, it is called hardware acceleration.Later guide assumes that you have installed the current version of Windows with DirectX and some drivers.Also, you must have administrator rights.What if a video or sound card under Windows can not use hardware acceleration?First, you need to be checked for the absence of errors in the installed drivers.

# 2

From the "Start" menu, "Control Panel» → «System and Security» → «System" (the same window can be opened by pressing Win + PauseBreak, or by right-clicking on the icon "Computer" on the desktoptable - then the "properties")."Device Manager" should click on the item in the left pane of the window that opens.Should open the Device Manager window.There is a line of

"Display adapters" - left-click on it.This opens a submenu with the available graphics cards: usually, there is only one point, if there is no built-in graphics card - the item will be two.

# 3

is important to determine what the main card.Its the easiest way to learn its name.In the main video usually appears in the title of "Nvidia" or "AMD" (formerly "ATI").This chipset manufacturers vast majority of graphics cards.At the same minor in the title appears likely other manufacturer such as Intel.If there are only built-in video system, it should be noted that as a rule such video card are very limited in scope hardware video acceleration.

# 4

Now should pay attention to the line with the name of the primary video card: if next to it there is a yellow icon with an exclamation point - for the video card driver is not installed or installed incorrectly.It is best to download the drivers from the official site of the manufacturer.If the problem is hardware-accelerated audio, the latest drivers for the audio to be sought as the manufacturer's website, or search in the search engines for audio title.

# 5

Properties of the sound card and its name can also be viewed in the "Device Manager", but under the item "Sound, video and game controllers."In modern computers sound card is rare - usually audio playback device is integrated into the motherboard.Drivers go to him together with the drivers for the motherboard, disk space.Actually, to enable hardware acceleration, you just need to properly install the correct drivers in the correct order.Check correct installation is possible through the diagnosis of DirectX: «Start» → «Run ...", enter in the opened window Dxdiag - DirectX diagnostic window will in the "Display" has a department "of DirectX Features", which reflects the current status of the hardware video acceleration.

# 6

Often driver problems can be a result of violations of the right order of their installation.If the problem is not solved by the methods described above, it is recommended to reinstall all your drivers to available iron in the correct order.Usually it is: the CPU drivers (for AMD) or motherboard (for Intel), audio driver, network card driver (LAN, Wi-Fi, 1394, Data-Modem), video driver, DirectX.Before you reinstall the old driver to be removed: "Start» → «Control Panel» → «Delete program": Right-click on the correct driver - select "Delete."May require restart.After proper installation of the drivers will automatically turn on, and hardware acceleration, how to enable it, owners of PCs with Windows 7 or 8 no longer need to think - it was important for Windows XP and earlier versions.