Why laptop crashes ?

Why laptop crashes ?
You will need:
  • Laptop
  • Screwdriver and Internet connection
# 1

In the process, any computer goes wrong, when it begins to slow down, or may simply hang, notin response to any action: mouse does not work, the program does not close, etc. The main reasons for the notebook can be hovering CPU overheating, incorrect work programs or disconnecting the video chip contacts...To determine the specific cause must be determined whether there is overheating during operation.To conduct temperature measurement is possible by means HWMonitor utility.The program is downloaded from the internet, install and run.When you want to include the application or the game that loads the laptop.During her work HWMonitor fix the maximum temperature.Coming out of the game you can see the measurement results.For the CPU maximum value can reach up to 80 degrees, for the chipset and video card 90, the hard disk 55. All the above - overheating.

# 2

often occurs due to overheating of the cooling system clogged with

dust.In this case, to cope with the laptop hangs help her cleaning and replacing the thermal grease.It is possible for this procedure, it is desirable to refer to specialists.If this is not possible, you can try to clean yourself.To do this, from off the laptop to remove the battery, and deal with how to get to the fan.Most often it is under the back cover, fastened with bolts and latches.When the lid is opened, the fan to the radiator flushed with compressed air and clean with a brush, cloth or dry cloth.With the replacement of thermal paste is more difficult, since this operation requires knowledge and experience.If you do something wrong, you can lose your warranty.

# 3

Most laptops are designed in such a way that the holes for sucking air at the bottom.If the device is on a soft surface, they overlap.The answer to the question: why hang a laptop, maybe just a lack of air supply to the cooling system.The problem is easily solved by observing the rules of operation of the device.But if there is overheating, but the problem remains, the cause of which retarding and hangs laptop should iskatv drivers and operating system.The first thing you need to pass - to update the BIOS of the device.It can be easily downloaded from the manufacturer's website.Clear the memory of unwanted programs to scan for viruses.If you do not help - reinstall the operating system, update the program and reinstall the driver.

# 4

Different laptops are different processors, some in the tasks are heated more than others.In addition, the cooling system in some well-designed, with a reserve, while others less fortunate.Hence, some laptops are heated slightly, others much stronger.If, however, still had to deal with a failure in terms of the efficiency of cooling the laptop, it makes sense to use the device for active cooling to which it is put on top, while ensuring a more active circulation of air through the radiator.But when any of the means listed above do not help, there is always the possibility to ask for professional help in the service center.