How to calculate the tax on the ground that it is necessary to take into account ?

How to calculate the tax on the ground that it is necessary to take into account ?
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  • Land
# 1

Earth is a public resource and as a legal or natural person is given the right to land ownership, it obligesto pay the land tax.Systemic failure to pay the tax on land can deprive the owner of the right to ownership of land, so it is necessary to know how to calculate land tax.

# 2

the land size of the tax depends on the value of its inventory for a price.Cadastral land prices determined by the cadastral evaluation, where the use of land taken into account for different purposes, besides the price is calculated on the basis of geography populated area.According to a government decree, which was approved in 2008, the entire cost of land in cities and regions can be obtained on the Internet, where it updates the cadastral office in accordance with the estimate of 1 January.

# 3

to calculate land tax will need to know how to calculate interest on taxes in accordance with the regulations that have been adopted in the tax and land legislation.It is

important to take into account the real costs, in accordance with the updated January 1, inventory estimates for the land plot.As a rule, the cost of change occurs when land is transferred to another category, so it is important to follow the updated inventory estimates online.

# 4

Land intended for residential development, garden or dacha, agricultural or livestock farms have to pay a tax that is charged at 0, 3% of the assessment according to the inventory.For other land the land tax is calculated on 0, 5 - 1,5%.The percentage of tax rates the land varies depending on the change of its category.Knowing how to calculate the tax on the car depending on its category, is not difficult to calculate the value of the land with regard to its purpose.To calculate the tax value of the land necessary for its inventory cost divided by 100% and multiplied by the interest rate of land tax for this type of land.

# 5

When calculating the land tax should take into account the existing privileges for certain categories of citizens, that just how to calculate payroll taxes - from their beneficiaries reduced interest rates with the payment of taxes.Under the category of beneficiaries get: people who have the title of Hero of Russia or the Soviet Union with disabilities I, II and III with disabilities since childhood, WWII veterans, the liquidators who recover from radiation sickness, and testers of nuclear weapons.For updates benefits should contact the district administration.

# 6

In order to enjoy the benefits when calculating land tax, it is important to gather the necessary documents, certificates and licenses, and to write a statement on the provision of benefits to the tax office.This procedure is similar to the way the tax return for the training - need to make an effort to achieve benefits in the calculation of the land tax.