How to create a dating site ?

How to create a dating site ?
You will need:
  • Affiliate program for creating websites Me
  • personal email account
  • knowledge domain registration website address
  • ability to create sites
  • spoken algorithm buying
  • domain knowledge of the algorithm of creating a dating site
  • ability to find the information
# 1

Many wonder "how do dating site?".To create your own dating site, you must go through five basic steps.First of all you have to register it: Find an affiliate program that will give you the ability to quickly and in a simplified form to do so.Once you have such a program is found, proceed to fill the required fields.Usually, you have to enter your login, password and email address.

# 2

After that, you must open your personal e-mail account.To do this, you should get in an electronic purse systems such as WEB MONEY or Yandex Money and put money on it, so that you can implement domain purchase.How to do it?Firstly, it can be a variety of payment terminals, and secondly, on the Internet there is a large number

of companies that provide such services.

# 3

Purchase a domain - the most crucial moment in the process of creating your dating site.To do this, go to the desired site (eg, site area of ​​domain registration RU), register it and sozdaetsya his private office.After that, select a bookmark in your personal account balance, the "fill up the balance", point convenient for you the money transfer system (eg, WEB MONEY), the number of your purse and money.

# 4

Then you need to check the invented name of the site for reconsideration in the whole Internet.To do this, locate WHOIS tab and type in the appropriate field name of the site without domain search process may take some time, because a lot of online dating sites in the network.Having found free, immediately press the tab "Register domain".To make the registration need to "individual" or "previously registered profile."If your balance is sufficient amount of money, then the registration is successful.

# 5

should now activate your site.For this need to write a letter to the customer support of the website, the services of which you have applied in the first step.The text of the letter must specify the name of the domain, and be sure to announce the request for establishment area for him.As soon as your letter will be read and you will be informed about it.

# 6

final step when creating a site for you is an indication of server NS.You can do this again, at the domain registrar site.If you can not do these manipulations do, write a letter in support.

# 7

After you complete all five steps, safely proceed to the promotion of its dating site.Do not forget that not only the original design attracts more visitors, but also a variety of features and capabilities.