How to write a good tourist brochure?

How to write a good tourist brochure?
You will need:
  • good paper
  • Photo
  • Laconic
  • "highlight" places
# 1

not skimp on paper, on which the brochure is printed.If it is a simple piece of yellow, then the consumers will develop around a picture of your institution: poor little, pathetic and low-budget.Is this the "first impression" do you want?The answer is obvious: no.Therefore, please contact your city known in a firm that can provide high-quality performance to your printing products.

# 2

Obyazatelnopomestite in the brochure a few photos.Anything so does not attract the attention of a few successful professionally designed photo - like it or not, but most people - visuals, that is, it is best to absorb information through sight.Take a picture of the landscape, interior rooms, hall and other attractions of the local scale.Also it would be nice to put on the page photo booklet luxurious pool, of course, if you have one.

# 3

Be specific and concise in their descriptions.People want to know here and now that you can of

fer them.Most likely, your brochure - not the first time that they are browsing, and they are pretty tired of typical phrases and clichés, which are in every tourist brochure - they want specifics.The most boring phrase can be turned into a work of art.For example: "The room area of ​​forty square meters is equipped with a diagonal of seventy-two inches, and also has access to an extensive terrace, overgrown with ivy."Boredom is death, is not it?Much more effective would sound like this: "The spacious room with home theater system will give you a cozy evening together under the drifting sounds of cicadas from the terrace."

# 4

Include a brochure cost of their services.People always want to have at least a rough idea of ​​how much money they will have to pay for your vacation.

# 5

Bring in the brochure are examples of what you can do more in your hotel, motels, etc.In order to attract the largest possible number of visitors, describe a variety of classes, from skiing to the opportunity to go on numerous souvenir shops.

# 6

Emphasize potential guests on what your restaurant is different from these.This is by no means impossible to humiliate rivals."The only district in the indoor swimming pool", "Disco working day to span", "We are pleased by your house pets" - are examples of "uniqueness" of your destinations.