How to open a dive shop ?

How to open a dive shop ?
You will need:
  • well researched diving as a sport and a hobby
  • determine which diving equipment should be sold in your store
  • To establish direct contact with the manufacturer of the diving equipment
# 1

Before opening dive shop, ask - do you have any competitors.This particular business, designed for a specific audience, and competition can ruin your plans.But even if there are competitors - do not give up a dream business!Visit the shops of future competitors, check out the technique of conducting their business: Learn assortment evaluate the proposed service.

# 2

Study Ask: What equipment models are most popular, what is missing divers in your city?What experts are not satisfied in the present proposal and the work of your competitors?Try to take into account other people's mistakes and loose fill "niches" in the product portfolio.

# 3

choosing premises for the future of the store, do not rush to rent something that is offered at a lower price.Cheap rent can mean unpleasantnes

s of the place for shoppers.If your city has a diving club exists, then try to set up shop as close as possible to it.The close location of your store to potential buyers increase the number of customers and sales of goods.Remember, the easier it is to get to your store, the more quickly learn about it, the more you will gain loyal customers.

# 4

If you are not engaged in diving, but just open a store in the wake of increased demand for this sport, you need to hire a sales assistant.Best of all, if your seller is a man versed in diving.In this case, you will not buy the necessary equipment for diving at random.Competent staff with connections and acquaintances in the local diving clubs will add popularity to your shop, and new customers will feel much more confident.

# 5

Do not rush to invest big money in a new business - to start explore it!And with the purchase of diving equipment is not in a hurry to take the whole lot.This type of business requires a thorough study of the demand and dosed presentation equipment.To create attractive prices for equipment for diving, try not to use the services of intermediaries - set out to establish direct delivery of goods from manufacturers of diving equipment.

# 6

however not entirely trust the advice of equipment manufacturers - many vendors trying to sell you the goods as a novice, the stale goods.Remember - only the divers know what they need and when they decide which product to buy in your store.

# 7

well laid out, how to arrange goods on store shelves.It must be clearly visible.Given that this is a very specific product and is intended only for diving, be sure to set special mini pools for checking the equipment in water, changing rooms to try on suits.

# 8

Invent a beautiful name for your store.Of course, your store - this is not the point for the mass marketing of the products or basic necessities, and it is possible that he was alone in the city, but still the name plays an important role in advertising.

# 9

let more people know about the existence of your store, give advertising on radio, television and the Internet.Distribute leaflets showing the location of the diving shop and range of services provided to customers.

# 10

Take care of the design of the room.Inside the shop, create a cozy atmosphere, do not spare money on lighting and illumination for each individual product.Well thought out design should push the visitor to make a purchase.Outside the store design must be original and thematically decorated.Do not interfere, and a bright sign at the entrance to the store and outside lighting at night.