How to send an employee on a business trip , you need to do ?

How to send an employee on a business trip , you need to do ?
You will need:
  • employee
  • purpose of the trip
  • Service task
  • Order of the employee towards a business trip
  • trip certificate
# 1

Many companies regularly send their staffbusiness trips.The purpose are various types of traveling housekeeping tasks that can not be performed on site.Many workers spend on the road most of their working time, but during their stay in the travel company is obliged to pay for the stay, the cost of tickets, daily meals.Many employers are interested in the question of how to send an employee on a business trip, especially if it is new to them.Due to the large financial issues to send a man on a mission it is not so simple, because the money spent must also be written off from the balance sheet.

# 2

Sometimes trips are associated with the problem of how to improve employee productivity, and travel are sent to other cities on various kinds of seminars.Before you send an employee on a trip you need to be sure to arrange a number of documents.The package of the

necessary paperwork for the trip includes: official assignment, the order of sending an employee on a business trip, traveling certificate.On arrival back to the traveling does not have to understand how to issue a reprimand an employee, should advance to warn him of the need to take accounting documents for living in an apartment or hotel.

# 3

sent on business trips only those employees with whom the company has entered into an employment contract.Send a business trip a woman who has two or more children up to three years, as hard as a lure employees from competing firms.For this trip the employee is necessary her written consent.Also mother with small children should receive written notification that it has the right to cancel the trip.Check out all the documents for travel as well as to issue truancy officer, HR staff need.Upon arrival, business trip, they also need to provide a number of documents confirming the expenses during the trip.Traffic tickets, accounting documents of residence, and even checks for the dinner should always be maintained, then to the personnel department could write off the cost of services provided without problems.