How to open a shop of photographic equipment ?

How to open a shop of photographic equipment ?
You will need:
  • has great knowledge of the photographic technique and its trade benefits
  • To establish an uninterrupted supply of necessary goods, bestselling
  • constantly keep an eye on what's new world of photographic equipment appearing on
  • market Decide on principles offuture store and organize business
# 1

From the outset, examine the structure of work and range of your future competitors.Please note, any photographic novelties they presented, and as advertised.Chat with a sales assistant, pay attention to their methods of work, check than the most interested buyers.

# 2

to open the store you need to choose a convenient location: to ensure that your business is located in the intersection of the main streams of buyers.Do not remove the rental space that is just cheap at this point, but it is located in a difficult part of the village.Low rent testifies to the low demand for this space in business.Pay attention to the transport routes passing near the shop - the fewer, the lower

the attendance of the outlet.

# 3

desirable that your shop was next to the sleeping area, where the majority of the population of the city and where are the main transportation routes.It is important that customers did not need to get to you for a long time.Well it would be if customers will be able to come to you just on your way to work or to the bus stop.

# 4

If you have modest financial means, do not rush to take huge loans and to open a shop of your dreams.Large and beautiful shop - it is certainly good, but the money invested in it can not justify itself.It makes sense to start with a more modest size and investment.Profit, of course, will be lower, but you will have time to explore the business thoroughly, without losing on the initial inexperience serious money.Study the structure of the business and the conduct of business at the store from simple to complex, from small to large.

# 5

Naturally, the interior of the store attracts customers.Good finishing facilities and properly exhibition goods can increase sales - is a basis of trade marketing.The cosiness, comfort and the ability to carefully examine the items are very important for the buyer - they have visitors to your store and push it to the purchase.

# 6

furniture in the store should be stylish, comfortable and functional, to help position the item in the store with the maximum benefit.For the buyer, the furniture should be comfortable - it should not interfere with it to gain access to the goods.Goods under glass today is considered a commercial anachronism.The buyer must be able to touch his hands, touch, test, try out.Then he will get an extra psychological push to take action.

# 7

properly set in the store lighting - this is one more important detail, adding the success of trade.Good lighting not only makes it possible to fully illuminate the goods, but also to put it in a positive perspective, especially items such as photographic and Photography, which is packed with all kinds of nickel-plated and chrome elements.Many individual mini projectors for each individual commodity will emphasize its advantages and will make it much more attractive.

# 8

Do not forget that the look of the store can attract or, conversely, alienate customers.In addition to appearance, there are plenty of marketing features that will make a difference.Exterior windows that original look by day and brightly lit at night to attract customers and make them remember your store.

# 9

sure to be engaged in the preparation of professional staff!Each of your manager needs to understand the technology and its best-selling models, every seller should know the subtleties of photographic equipment and be able to explain them to the buyer, to demonstrate the product and explain the necessary functions.The seller must also consultant to be able to answer customer questions.

# 10

Do not forget about advertising!It must be accurate, bright and prominent.Consider issues related to your target audience, its needs and the level of perception of the information, determine advertising media, through which you will promote your promotional offers to its buyers.You may need the assistance of professional advertisers.On the advertising money can not regret!

# 11

Marketing and store operation system - also a very important issue.That order, which you set in the store, will largely determine your success.If your salespeople will be attentive and friendly with customers professionally able to answer his questions, it will create an atmosphere of comfort, it will certainly come back to you again!

# 12

Promotions.This part of the marketing policy think over very carefully: the buyer susceptible to the possibility of saving money.The more sales, promotions and discounts, you will be able to provide - the more attention to bring up his store.