How to open a fitness center ?

How to open a fitness center ?
You will need:
  • Diligence
  • Courage
  • Cash
  • services market knowledge
# 1

First of all, study the market, find out how many of your competitors,what are their advantages.Determine what you can to oppose them.If you have a lot of competitors, then open a fitness center in the area of ​​the city, where they were lower.

# 2

next stage - the search space.Remember that one visitor in the hall need to allocate at least 2 square meters.meters.In addition, the fitness center should be showers and toilets, rooms, where you can change, staff rooms, reception ... In general, according to experts, the minimum area fitness club - 140-250 square meters.meters.

# 3

same time can start the process of registration of the company, the easiest way - as a sole proprietorship.Special licenses for the opening of the fitness club is not necessary to receive.

# 4

lease agreement signed by the long-term leases with its subsequent registration at Companies House.Optimal lease term - 10 years.Your cos

ts are unlikely to be repaid in full in less than 5 years.When renting a room for a short time, you run the risk of losing it, without waiting for arrived.And if you still will be able to quickly roll out a point at the end of the term of the contract owner may transfer these areas more profitable customers.

# 5

Design your club should be bright, stylish, recognizable.

# 6

Image Fitness Club composed by the quality of equipment and staff.Do not save nor is any other.Of course, there is no guarantee that the master of sports of international class will agree to work in a new way itself is not proven company.But to refer to them it's worth: perhaps the decisive factor will be not the image of your club and even salary and a convenient schedule and close to the coach's home location.

# 7

main problem of modern man - a constant shortage of time.The advantage of your club may be the development of a range of services: sports bar, solarium, massage, beautician, hairdresser, etc.

# 8

Do not spare money on advertising.According to statistics, the optimal cost of promotion has just opened a fitness club make up 15-20% of the profits.Combine several types of advertising, such as television and outdoor.As an advertising campaign can make all the classes free of charge on the opening day.

# 9

If the costs are not paid off at the scheduled time, or even worse - you are working at a loss - analyze the work of the club and try as much as possible to eliminate errors quickly.Successful business management!