How to make a paper gun ?

How to make a paper gun ?
You will need:
  • Paper
  • Clay
  • Wood
  • Drills
  • Vice
# 1

From Paper can make a lot of different products, such as flowers, jewelry, boats, cars, animals, birds, and many other craft projects.The main thing to choose for yourself what you're interested in, and to prepare the necessary option.Girls will be interesting to make a crown, or a doll with clothes, and for the boys, of course, interested in manufacturing guns.Before paper to do the gun, you need to prepare the instrument.You will need an ordinary brush or hair to be collected into a bundle and tie tightly with a thread.As a gun tube of paper used.Because these weapons can be fired pellets of various sizes.As soon blow into a tube, the hairs move apart and tightly close the tube channel.In the subsequent blast, the air is compressed in the tube and throws out of her shell.

# 2

Before making homemade weapons, you need to decide for what purpose it is necessary, and only then proceed to the compilation of material and manufacturing

.Weapons can be done using a normal flashlight, you can execute it from the socket-adapter, plugs and nipple from bicycle inner tube.And you can use a bicycle pump, or water pipes.Many are interested in information on how to make a gun out of wood.Using natural wood, a true master can make a toy gun, and may make the present hunting product.

# 3

Hunting rifle - very expensive.There are craftsmen who can make it on their own and are ready to share the secrets of his skill.This will require a certain, quite a lot of time.Before you make a gun for hunting, you need to carefully pick up the wood, in fact it will be his base.Next you need to make a sketch of the future product, taking into account the size of the gun, which was taken as standard and its features.In accordance with the original cut pattern.Then drilled holes and fasten the iron frame.Roughness eliminate using a special grinding machine.After installation, you must set the frame hook in the right direction.At the end of securing the optical sight and a lacquered wooden base.

# 4

With self-manufacturing of guns is very important to prepare the bed.It is not just a beautiful piece, it affects the accuracy of entering the game.Therefore, before you make a butt of a gun, it is worth thinking about what can be trusted with the job of professional masters that not only feels like the right way to do it, but also invests in it a part of their soul.This work is complex and requires a lot of time and effort.In the process of using hand tools are made under strict boarding zero oshkurivaetsya, impregnated, made of curb basting field and applied mesh.