How to make a LEGO car out of its own ?

How to make a LEGO car out of its own ?
You will need:
  • LEGO
  • desire to build a machine
# 1

For starters, you want to unzip the package with LEGO.Do not throw out all the details in one pile at once.Perhaps they will be orderly stacked or split into several parts according to their destination.The packaging is advisable not to dispose of, as it can still be useful.Then, you need to examine the details and figure out what type of car they will construct.Next you want to sort the items according to their importance.It is necessary to examine in more detail how to make a car out of LEGO.The first step is to find a "suspension".She will serve as the largest, oblong, flat piece.Typically, these are in each constructor.After that you want to put this item on the wheels.Everything is fixed very simply: the details button to the end should delve into the special holes on the other details.Two axle with wheels fixed to the lower part of the large flat parts.It is important that the front and rear, they are not at the edge.After fixing th

e wheel requires tinkering upper part of the flat parts.Among the details you need to find those that are designed for the front of the machine.They are attached symmetrically.Scientists are thinking of how to make a time machine and layouts also have all the parts symmetrically, but in this case simmertiya needed mainly for the appearance of beauty toys.After fixing parts to the front of the machine, it is required to attach one or windshields windshield.It all depends on the availability of the necessary details.The next step, it is advisable to attach the steering wheel and seat for it man.Then, it is worth considering how to fasten the door, if the details are LEGO.They are required to attach symmetrically on both sides of the man.

# 2

can now be set for a "driver" of another man.If the length of the machine allows you sootvetsyavenno, not necessarily his seat close to the first.The extra space inside - a sign of spaciousness machine.A little while, and everyone has read this article fully man learns how to make a car with his hands out of Lego.Next, you need to continue after the side walls of the machine door.Usually, they are made of small parts kirpichnopodobnyh.Now is the time to do the ass machine.This requires a special for this items with stopsignalami, with the rear bumper.Often designers come across in which the rear door is provided.If it is, then it can also be easily set.When designing a toy car is not necessary to forget about the cabin roof.It is made of a thin, oblong parts, but slightly less than the base of the machine.Probably everyone knows how to make a car out of the paper.Her often paint the outside of the ink, but in this case for coloring parts will look ugly and their furnish special tiles are provided.In general, they represent a already painted in the color you want small flat squares.They are required to completely cover the roof of cars and other remaining seats open buttons for fastening parts.Now the machine is ready!Every child should be happy to her, especially when he took part in its assembly.So now everyone has read this article people will know all the details of how to make a car out of LEGO.This is a very exciting and enriching lessons!We need only a desire to engage in the work of the data!