How to make a car with the motor : instructions , tips

How to make a car with the motor : instructions , tips
You will need:
  • empty pack of cigarettes or any other pack of this size
  • wires and battery "Krona"
  • Ticker
  • Bridge with the gears in the middle
  • Copper wire
# 1

Collect homemade car - the dream of everyone since childhood.And that she still went...It would be regarded as the crown of creation novice modeler.It is proposed to consider the simplest model of the machine that will run from the batteries and drive voltage of 9 volts.Thus, detailed instructions on how to make a car with the motor.The first step is to prepare the workplace.Better to start with the electrical part.

# 2

For it will need a small motor with a cylindrical gears on the end, three wires, each 20 centimeters, the battery "Crone", and a compact switch.Joining the whole chain should be consistently on the motor circuit - a wire - Battery - cable - switch - cable - motor.With the closure of the motor circuit must be activated.Next, it is necessary to move on to the question of how to make the layout of the car and it

s running gear.

# 3

ideal situation would be to pick up a thin wooden plaque (2-3 mm), the area of ​​which would coincide with the area of ​​the box.On a plate fasten the motor using wire or clamps.The board should make the cut to be perpendicular to the axis of the motor and that are easy to pass cog on the front axle.It is necessary to fix the wheels and make sure that the motor gear is good contact with the chassis.Knowing how to make a machine of iron, wood can be replaced by a tin plate and smooth all weld.

# 4

now as a math lesson should be tested: complete an electrical circuit.The motor should begin to rotate the front wheels.If everything is fine, then you can proceed to the next step, otherwise, you need to troubleshoot the problem.The next step is how to make the car crafts, ie the right to issue and secure the remaining parts.After all, the machine itself (ie, plaque) have the whole ride.

# 5

switch should be placed at the edge of the board behind the rear wheels.Side or rear - everyone's business.The main thing that came out a little beyond the board lever or a button.It should also be screwed or soldered to the battery housing.Then you can put all of this in the design of the box, to do it with scissors all the necessary holes for the switch wheel.Then remains only a decorative piece.

# 6

A good option is the way to make the robot car.Also it is possible to arrange a fire, a military race.You can equip her trunk or trailer, spoiler install, pre-cut it out of construction paper.In general, you need to unleash the imagination.If only the innovations do not interfere with the car easy to navigate.