How to wash shoes in the washing machine ?

How to wash shoes in the washing machine ?
You will need:
  • shoes
  • washing machine
  • pillowcase
  • detergent
  • sponge
  • nail file
  • saucepan with water
  • ammonia
  • protective sprays and creams for footwear
# 1

sneakers, running shoes, slippers, shoes is cloth, with spots that just will not delete.There is a solution.How to wash shoes?The process is not difficult.Remove all foreign objects from the soles, as well as pieces of dirt.Insoles and laces best washed separately, either manually with the addition of detergent.Wrap shoes in a pillowcase, which will allow a decorative detail to stay in place and do not fly away on the drum of the washing machine.It is desirable to simultaneously erase the 1-2 pair.Add detergent.Washing temperature not higher than 40 degrees.delicate washing.At the end of the process, wet shoes to fill in the paper and leave to dry.Washing procedure should be carried out not more than 1 time per month.

# 2

The bad weather did not wear suede shoes, they'll get dirty.How to clean suede shoes?One of the frequen

t questions.Stains on suede shoes are removed with a solution of 1 to 4 tenths of a percentage of ammonia with water, for light suede water, can be replaced by milk.The solution is applied with a soft sponge, avoiding the strong pressing, then rinse with water and allow to dry shoes.If after drying there were creases should hold the shoes of steam.Very stubborn stains can be removed by rubbing dirt nail file.At the end of each cleaning the shoe gently holding a dry sponge or brush for suede, allowing you to spread the pile and restore the original appearance.

# 3

The most difficult to care for shoes is not cleaning, much more difficult to monitor the appearance of scratches, creases, erasures.On this basis, there are several tips on how to wear shoes.Shoes should always be dry and comfortable, while it does not change its shape and does not stretch.Dress shoes with the special spoon and shoot or rastegivaya unleashing lightning.Use special protective sprays and creams.At night, shoes must be carefully wipe with a dry cloth to remove dirt and pieces.would not change shape before cleaning for the season to fill the inside of the shoe should be the paper that.

# 4

Beautiful shoes always attracts attention.You can not put the question "how to wash shoes" for all types of care for each of its model.The most simple in this leather shoes.Any contamination can be removed with a damp sponge, if there are elements of light, they can be cleaned with detergent.After the procedure, cleaning footwear should be wiped dry with a cloth.Shoes cloth can be washed in the washing machine, which will deliver its freshness and purity.Spots with suede surface are removed with a solution of ammonia and water in the ratio of 1 to 4. For the longevity of any shoe is to follow what she was always clean and dry, and most importantly comfortable.