How to get to the Comedy Club ?

How to get to the Comedy Club ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Tickets
  • Friends
# 1

How to get to the Comedy Club audience, he knows not everyone.Many tend to think that the audience in the hall are the people who missed to pull back.Yes - if you make friends with one of the residents of Comedy Club, it is possible that a star could get a ticket.But there are other options, how to get to the Comedy Club audience.There are places that sell tickets for Comedy Club, and they are reasonably priced.Here is a way by which one can get to the legendary humorous show.Another ticket for Comedy Club is a great gift for a birthday or any other special occasion!

# 2

Many dreamed of being residents of Comedy Club, and joking with the current stars.Only almost no one did not work (if we have in view blat, or "case").And it is quite reasonable, because to get to the Comedy Club resident is almost impossible.But there is one way - to go casting.Usually this «Comedy-Battle", which is open to people from any country over 18 years.Usually th

ree judges sit a resident of Comedy Club, and to conquer them, enough to have a sense of humor and a large stock of jokes.As you can see - nothing fancy, but it is not so easy, because only one wins a million applicants.But, for example, in the season of 2012 it was the second place, for which allocated half a million rubles - though the party did not become a resident of, and drove home.With money!

# 3

Everything that happens in the «Comedy-Battle", broadcast on the television channel «THT».As you know, TV will not display anything, because each broadcast program is limited in time.Therefore, to get to the «Comedy-Battle", you must first pass the audition in the city of residence.Many were interested in the question: "Where can I find the casting for the Battle of gum in my city?".The exact answer to it is not - a must for the new season «Comedy-Buttle" follow the announcements and posters on the place of residence and do not miss the casting for the gums in a certain place.That's all the information on how to get to the Comedy Club.I would like to wish success to the future residents of this show!