How to make paper peacock : children's creativity

You will need:
  • Paper
  • Paints
# 1

Children can inspire different kinds of needlework - beading, origami, painting, etc. From the paper can make a variety of fakes, for example..peacock.But for this it is necessary to know how to make paper peacock.This requires attention, the circuit sheet of glossy paper and a rectangular shape.Classical scheme can be found on the Internet.

# 2

For example, there is a detailed video of origami master Adolfo Serssda that shows how to make a peacock of banknotes.You can create your own pattern, but it is necessary to read, how to draw a peacock stages.First we need to draw the head and torso, which will be presented ovals.Then the ovals connect the neck: at the head, it is thin and the torso line should be expanded.Next, you need to draw a wing that ends at the tail.

# 3

final stage is drawing feathers in the form of curls and the final drawing.Gardeners will be useful to know how to make a peacock garden.This requires materials such as aluminum wi

re, five-liter plastic bottle, burlap, plastic film - 6 m, an adhesive tape.Because the frame is made of aluminum wire and bottles, which is applied to burlap.

# 4

further plastic film cut into strips and make a fringe around the edges.Then attach the adhesive tape strips to be feathers.Scoring in the search box "how to make a peacock modular origami", you can find the original scheme for the creation of which is shown in detail, how to fold each module (element).Each element comprises a "long" and "short" sides, two "corner" and "pocket."This standard concepts, which are used all the masters.

# 5

developing creative skills you can make a fake without original origami technique.For example, knowing how to draw a peacock pencil in stages, it can be a colorful postcard.To do this, you will need paper, from which it will be possible to cut each part of the peacock and leaf - the basis on which with the help of adhesive will be applied bird.Thus, with the help of imagination and our own hands together with your child can do, developing his abilities.