How to distinguish silver from other metals ?

How to distinguish silver from other metals ?
You will need:
  • Silver
  • Inscriptions
  • Stamp
  • Iodine
# 1

In order not to be cheated when buying silver, and out of this metal, it is necessary to be able todistinguish the "moon" the metal from other similar metals.But how to distinguish silver from metal like at home?This is especially true for those moments when silver sold at online stores.It must be very careful, because often next to the name of such products is the inscription "Silver.".However, one should not think that this indicates that the product is silver.On the contrary, such an inscription states that on an ordinary metal article a thin layer of silver.E. The product silvered.In general, it is desirable to acquire money is not the Internet, and in the jewelry stores.

# 2

often before the product name is written on the Internet, the word "silver".But it does not give guarantees in favor of what the product is made of pure silver.On the contrary, often so that the goods fixed in one category or another.And to take it is

not worth it, at no additional clarifying questions.To help distinguish counterfeit money from help inscription on the product that are made to the "non-Russian" language.E. If there is an inscription Ā«silverplĀ», it means that the product is a metal silver-plated base.

# 3

Very often online shopping sites spread photos of the product on which the mark is not visible sample.How to determine the silver in such cases?It is necessary to request new pictures, which will be visible stigma.In the same way it verified the authenticity of real silverware.E. Any article of jewelry metal should stand trial.

# 4

If possible, it will be necessary to pick up a product, carefully inspect it.Particular attention should be paid to its curves and bulges.Why such a place?The reason is that in fact they are often subjected to mechanical stress from the outside.If the product is really silvered, the silver layer in places cleared, exposing thereby "problem areas" foreign metal.

# 5

Conduct definition of silver can also in this way: pick up the product, clean up a little of its surface and a place to put a little iodine.After some time, the silver will react with iodine and begins to darken, and in some cases can acquire perfect black.If the product is not made of silver, the iodine will not affect the color.Instead, you can use the iodine lyapisnym pencil.Silver product becomes cloudy.Products from other metals darken in this place